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7 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2011 - 12:17AM #1
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In Tin Yat Lineage of Taoism, we have a set of Taoism FU that all students must consume before they enter the lineage.  This we put together and named it "Back to Nature" program.  It is a set of 50 Taoism FU that is used to exorcise almost all the negatives and evils in your body to give you a total cleansing session in 50 days.  During the program, you will go through all these Taoism FU and consume them one per day. 

As my western students have report back to me, they felt the FU's power kick in and they felt the effect as well.  For example, one Fu is supposed to cleanse the "soul" of the person and after that, they felt sensation on the head and things are detoxing from the head and out.  It is very cool when you can even feel what is going on after consuming the FU!

Taoism FU is real and of course you can even feel it happen.  It's not a belief or something to just make you feel good, it's actually something that works!  Taoism FU is so cool and I am proud to say that it never fail on me!  As long as you respect it and follow instructions, you will get it work too! 

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