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7 years ago  ::  Apr 11, 2011 - 7:43AM #1
Mak Tin Si
Posts: 74
Wisdom in Taoism is not about being able to quote some Tao Te Ching or some sages text.  Taoism is about real knowledge, wisdom, abilities, and skills. With the true wisdom, it is all about practical things in life.  Nothing should be abstract or hard to understand, it's just straight forward like teaching a kid to walk or eat.  It's just so simple.

Don't turn yourself into a book worm, a nerd or even a dictionary. You are human and your wisdom should be real and solidly in you.  Serisouly I don't even quote a single line from any books or scriptures when I teach Taoism in the past 15 years, all my students learn a lot from me.  There is not even a need to quote any lines, it's all in me already.  What I do, what I say, how I act, it's all with wisdom.  As long as they learn from the teachings, they will get it and learn it.  If you start to dig into books and scriptures, quotes from books, you are dead meat in this subject because your wisdom become unlively, your wisdom is not yours, and your wisdom is just a robotic system of quoting lines.  You got too into school dude, it's time to face the reality, wisdom should be alive, real and yours! 

If you are interested in seeking for "What is Taoism about?"  This is a link that you would like to read.  It's not long but it got tons of interesting topics for you to enjoy and get a feel of how Taoism perspective is like.
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