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7 years ago  ::  Apr 09, 2011 - 10:33PM #1
Mak Tin Si
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In Taoism, "Exorcism" plays a very large part in the system. Exorcism is often seen as "ghost busting" in the west but it is not what it is only about. Ghost busting is of course one of the many things we do in exorcism, but we can also exorcise many things such as negative energy, negative chi, and even evil spirit, demons, evil magic, and even some rare magic like "goo" and "gong".  These are all things that we have to exorcise to get back "normal". In general, we exorcise anything that is negative.  

Exorcism is not chi gung, it is not about "chi", it is about magic. Exorcism cannot be done by a normal person because they do not have the special magical power to do so.  If you try to use chi which is your natural energy that you are born with, you will end up in very deep trouble. What happens is the "chi" you have is not condense and powerful enough to withstand any evils or negatives and if you use it against or on the evils, it will get suck up by them and become their food instead!  If your "chi" is strong enough, why will you have these evils and negatives on you anyway, they should be not even able to harm you and get on you at the first point, right? If you got problems and that means your "chi" is already shattered by the evils and it have successfully break in into your body and so you have no way to fight against it unless you got a stronger and more condense form of energy.  In Taoism, we do have this magical power that can fight off any evils for you, that is what we called "Faat" 法.

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