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7 years ago  ::  Mar 26, 2011 - 10:27PM #1
Mak Tin Si
Posts: 74

Taoism is not a belief, it is a system of learning with real knowledge, wisdom, abilities, skills and theories to proof you what the system promote and teaches are real.  Finding a true way to learn TAoism is not easy but at least it cannot be DIY (do it yourself)  Just like learning any system of knowledge and wisdom in the world, like science, biology, math, language, etc,. it is impossible for you to learn it yourself by just reading a few books and websites.  You need a teacher, a real professional teacher who is specialized in the subject.  Just like you need to go to schools and university to learn a certain subject to get the real thing.  If you just like science and you love to read some books on science, it will not make you a scientist, you need to get in the schools and university to learn it and then work at the lab to learn it more, it's not a simple litle thing!  Taoism is a massive and huge system of knowledge, wisdom, abilities and skills, which you would need to learn it the same way you did in school with other subjects.  Logically speaking, you should understand why you cannot just read some books and call yourself a Taoist now.  It's totally not working like that.  If you are into Taoism, why not get into a path and learn it seriously.  There is no way you can learn it by yourself.

Seeking for Taoism is a tricky journey as it require you to have wisdom and at least a logical brain to get to the right path without getting in scams. In the modern society nowadays, there are just tons of scams, off shoot and evil lineages of Taoism which got so famous that they are all around the news and web.  You could run into a famous and large historical temple in China and still got into an off shoot Taoism lineage which bring you nowhere but into a superstitious path of "wrong" Taoism.  

Taoism is not about old fashion, nature is not about going without technology and true Taoism is not about getting into old traditions at all.  The so called traditional lineages in China aren't always good, they could be very wrong because they are washed by the politics in China.  If you go to China and shop around for big brands, you will know China is famous for "knock off" and not the genuine brands.  In China, the political system is very bad and all they got is just land and people but not all places are much developed like the US, it's all just poor people living in a large piece of land.  What is China famous for?  Low cost labor.  Why are people so cheap there?  Are stuff from China just always good?  Well, now you can see how Taoism is in China.  Taoism have been through a "Taoism wash" in the Ching Dynasty by the devil Queen.  This queen was so into Buddhism and she got insane with her actions.  She have order her people to kill all the Taoist if they refuse to convert into Buddhism.  They also knock down all the Taoism temples and turn them into Buddhism temples.  It's crazy.  Taoist were forced to become Buddhist if you don't want your head chopped off by the law, that's just insane but it's history.  Now why are some Taoist temple and Taoism lineages are still there in China now? 

Of course you might have heard that China is a place where they forbidden their people to see some websites outside the country or they are forbidden to get information from some source.  People outside of China sometimes just never get the real news about China because they are so good at covering up stuff.  Taoism history was also nicely covered up partially as well.  The demonic actions of the devil queen of Ching Dynasty was never exposed until the dynasty die off by her own hands!  

So, some Taoist temple and Taoism lineages that survived through this time of history are only those who are "okay" to bend their heads to Buddhism and blend with them.  Quan Zhen Sect is one of them which they are no longer like real Taoism anymore.  I just say Wu Dang mountain is great for their kungfu but not Taoism at all!   Zhen Yi Sect is more in the Taoist vibe but they got sorcery and evil magic going on which their "FU" sometimes even have the name of Buddha in them (it was supposed to make the queen happy) and so it's not pure and real anymore.  These are the two and only two LEGAL sects of Taoism now in China.  Yes, the government have put a "license" on Taoism and forced people to register themselves for $200 RMB to get that freakin License which proof you are a Taoist and you can only pick one out of the two lineages on the list.  So, if your lineages do rituals as center core, you are Quan Zhen Sect.  If your lineage does magic and FU as the main center core, you are Zhen Yi Sect.  So that means if you are from Mao Shan Sect, you fall into the Zhen Yi category as ewll.  There is not a checkmark box for you Mao Shan!  Too bad!  That's China!

As you can see, the tradition ones that are kept aren't always good and pure.  You can lead yourself into superstitious and scams if you are not careful with your choice in Tao.Seeking.  If you are still not convinced and unsure, I welcome you to read my article on Tao.Seaking in my BLOG.  Real Taoism is supposed to be real, not a belief.  It's real with real knowledge, wisdom, abilities, skills and a true systematical way to guide their student to success in learning the system.  If you are thinking that Taoism is a belief, sorry you got it wrong!

*Of course, Taoism is not about Tao Te Ching, I-Ching, whatever, these are not even the in the main subject of Taoism at all!



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