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Flag Thoughts2009 March 2, 2010 3:44 AM EST

There was also another older practitioner in our local area who was unable to pass the test of "sickness karma." The evil took the opportunity to impose physical persecution on her every so often. She was a little timid, with an indecisive nature, and tended to talk about her issues whenever she met with other practitioners. After multiple efforts by practitioners to "provide guidance," we were all fed up. We either would not give her an opportunity to talk during sharing times or would assign someone to "help" her. She was told that there were many things she didn't do right, or well, and that she didn't know how to cultivate, or perhaps she had reached her predefined age limit... The impact of our words and deeds was hard for her to endure. Her mind and thoughts moved further away from righteousness, and her complaints about us escalated. Eventually she went to the hospital. Although it was unfair to hold us all responsible for the outcome, if we could have treated her with hearts full of compassion and kindness, the story may have been different. Our compassion would have generated a huge amount of positive energy that might have pushed her to overcome the test once and for all. A memory of her helping me out five or six years ago just came to my mind. At that time I was frustrated by my constant failures to remove my attachment to lust. She came to see me, but we didn't touch the topic and only talked about other things. Yet I instantly found my attachment fading away and felt relieved. In fact she didn't have much attachment to fear and was fairly single-minded. Her only problem was the inability to pass the sickness karma test. Without Master we can not go along correct way.

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