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8 years ago  ::  Jan 18, 2010 - 8:41AM #1
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Once I mailed letters to peope as well, advising them not to blatantly slander Dafa or to poison students with their biased understandings, since doing so could ruin their futures. During that period, I felt that my heart was pure, and I had nothing on my mind except saving people. Even though I was very occupied with school work, I didn't look for excuses to not advise others to understand Fa and Master , and tried to take advantage of every opportunity to explain the Fa to people.

As Master urges us all the time, we must study the Fa more and well and then the Fa will guide our cultivation. Then we must believe in Master and the Fa unhesitatingly; otherwise, everything we do becomes nothing. When you study the Fa well and firmly believe in Master, you will have righteous thoughts and do the right thing.

I really understood what I had after continuously studying the Fa, giving me a healthy body. Master taught me to cultivate myself, as human beings actually originated from heaven and are produced by divine beings and that the true meaning for us is to return to our origin after clearing the karma accumulated from so many lifetimes.



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