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8 years ago  ::  Dec 28, 2009 - 10:16AM #1
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My dad died 5 years ago and my  mom has coped as well as can be expected. About a week ago, my mom had the most vivid dream of my dad. She was in a chair in the living room when dad walked out of the bedroom and picked her up and put her on his lap. He then told her that they would be together soon. Mom said it was so real.

Does God work this way? Letting the living know that their beloved knows the master plan? I have heard these stories before where the angel really knew and the one who survived died soon after. I am worried, scared, so many emotions running through me right now.


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8 years ago  ::  Dec 28, 2009 - 5:36PM #2
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Yes and no.

There are two possibilities, one spiritual, one practical.

The practical answer is this is a healing dream.  The loss of a spouse can take years to heal, because dealing with this kind of pain is so difficult to resolve.  Even though you know the person has passed on, your heart refuses to believe or let go.  Going through grief is a feeling process, not a thinking process.  You have to feel the pain to get through it, have to force the feelings of loss and when you loved someone as dearly as a spouse, it feels like a betrayal to do this.  So this dream might be her soul trying to heal itself.   The problem here is that 5 years is an extremely long time for her to still need such a dream.  It is possible, but unlikely.  Only the grievers who have severe depression that has never been treated need this kind of healing so long after their loved one has passed.

The other answer is of course it could very well be a communication.  There are several types of communicating dream, the most common is for the person who has passed to reaffirm their love for the living as well as letting them know everything is okay, that they are fine.

This seems to be what your mom's dream is.  First you need to remember that time is a very different concept to someone who can never run out of it.  Soon to them may well be many years to us.  So I would say that provided your mom isn't severely depressed, this dream is a connection to her husband who is letting her know that he still loves her, that he is okay and that they will be together again when she passes.  Perhaps he just wants to reassure her of these things, perhaps he is just a loving person who wants to make his wife happy.

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