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We are very pround of our motherland. we think our country will become greater and greater.

I’m very happy because I was born in china,a great china give me a lot of feelings, such as friendship, surprise, and so on. China will stand the top of the world one day.


Time passed quickly. A.twenty, over the past half century. We the great People's Republic of China in 60 days' brilliance. Through the parade, we saw a powerful China. The celebration began with clear, the anthem "through the entire tiananmen square, bright-coloured red like a flame burning in the sky. The President stood in the open air force drove the jinshui bridge, to say hello. "Comrades! Good comrades hard!" Chairman jiang regards as vernal spring breeze, will warm. "Good! Head to serve the people!" The officers answered, JingLei like sea should ShanHu echoed. 17 and 25 square foot chariots, each square are magnificent, sophisticated equipment, high morale.


The 60th anniversary celebration, the National Day parade aroused our emotions are! I sighed: how much of the People's Republic of hardship experience, we have achieved today's great achievements! Along with development of the republic, half a century, the people's liberation army in the party's three under the leadership of the core of leadership, carry forward our fine tradition virtue. They can be better to China three leadership at the development, gave them his life, how much they selfless, great! If not, they won't have Chinese today... The National Day parade ceremony, all three generations of leaders of China shows the crystallization of life, and to show the world our new revolutionary, modernized and regularized construction of great achievements. I was "scions proud;" I was proud of Chinese children..


There are many rumors from some people like Master Li. One of my classmates’ mother kept on refusing to go to hospital until died only because she want to eliminate his karma. She believed in Master’s word, “The power achieved by practicing Falun Gong can automatically eliminate viruses and karma.” Poor woman! She can’t see her son again and leave many sorrow for her family for ever. I don’t know if she feels sorry for her silly action in the heaven.

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