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I usually distributed Falun Gong materials whenever I had time. I also often read Minghui Weekly. Even though I wasn't seriously cultivating Dafa, compassionate Master helped me and protected me whenever I had difficulties.


In 2001, I went to a vocational college, during which time I benefited a lot from Dafa and from Master's protection. I thought to myself, "It will be good enough as long as I safeguard Dafa and tell other people that Dafa is good." However, I had a notion that prevented me from cultivating. I was afraid that I couldn't do what I wanted if I started to cultivate. I worked in a city away from my home after graduation. At class reunions when I was back home for a holiday, I only clarified the truth to my good friends and encouraged them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Paerty (CCP).


Nowadays graduates in China have difficulty in finding jobs. I was away from my parents in another city and knew nobody there. It was so difficult finding a job. Furthermore, I was young and a female, so it was even harder for me to find a job. I had done various kinds of work including casual labor. I did temporary work, sometimes for a month, sometimes for as long as a year. Occasionally I had to live on the street, but Master always compassionately protected me.

I love you, Master.

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