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Switch to Forum Live View Is there a school of thought/sect that embraces the good of the body
9 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2009 - 8:51PM #11
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All religions, whether Hindus, Buddhist or Judeo-Christian...are both, at the same time, life-affirming and God seeking (through renunciation).

The idea is not to reject the body, but to spiritualize it.

Tantra does not exist to enhance pleasure, it only exists to transcend pleasure.

But let us really look at pleasure.  What does pleasure bring us?

Pleasure brings us a momentary satisfaction...and a very limited one at that.  And then we pay the price.  Tobacco may be nice to smoke, but we pay the price later.  Alcohol and drugs may have their fun, but we pay the price later.

In this sense we can see the work of the Devil through pleasure and the work of God.  There is nothing wrong with having a nice bit of ice cream after a stressful day.  That is a positive use of pleasure.  Doing drugs or drinking excessively, is the Devil's version of the same experience.

The idea is not to deny, but to spiritualize.

And, if guided that way, our desire for "desire" just eventually falls away into a satisfaction with only spirituality and pure things.

There is nothing wrong with some loud rock 'n roll.  But the satisfaction one can gain from listening to Beethoven is quite a different experience.  There are different realms of satisfaction and that which can be achieved through spirituality is greater.

Most of us have had this experience...seeing an elderly person struggling with a heavy door and going over to help.  The way we feel after that experience is beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring.  That is the real nature of all spirituality.  To view spirituality as some harsh austere painful experience is really a very limited view of what spirituality is.

Again, all religions are life embracing....leading us to love and caring instead of competition and hatred; leading us to love of quality, instead of satisfaction with the norm..that is the real spirituality.  And what it brings is far beyond any life lived for ourselves alone, for pleasure alone, etc. etc. etc.

The Gita Govinda is a spiritual text which embodies the spiritualization of sexuality.  Pure romantic love for another is part of God's world.  If that love becomes demanding and controlling, it becomes an obstruction.  If that love leads us to have a love for all is freeing.

Everything has its place.  As the Old Testament says, there is a time and a embrace and then to refrain from embracing.  Sometimes a period of renunciation is very helpful. 

As the Catholic monk Thomas Merton said..."too much austerity makes a stone of the heart."

The same sentiments are found in Hindusim and if all the world's major religions.  It is always about balance and moderation.  And, as they say, "everything in moderation...including moderation."





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9 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2009 - 11:19PM #12
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That is beautiful. Nice to see your writing.



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9 years ago  ::  Jul 01, 2009 - 4:20PM #13
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ShariramAdyam khalu dharmasAdhanam

Body is the first resource available to you for any dharma.

This verse establishes the prmavality of body. If you dont have a body, or just have a weak body you cannot achieve anything.

It is not the bodily sensations/ experiences which are obstacle to spiritual growth. It is the mind's obscession, or hankering too much, clinging and longing for those bodily experiences which harms you. Hence mind is the main culprit if delinquent. Body is rather victim of a lustful mind. In reality, body never likes to exert that much, which mind pushes it to do.

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