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9 years ago  ::  Apr 13, 2009 - 3:51PM #1
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Messenger Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) has done more for his people than any other Black man in the history of America:

 In Michigan we had 1,000 acres...The complex maintained 2 great silos and a storage bin to house our crop, which held 100,000 bushels each...5 grain bins which held 20,000 bushels each...feeding our Michigan chickens in the 2 house egg factory containing 40,000 chickens...also, 50 acre apple orchard which yielded 10 trailer loads of apples..a dairy herd of 100 head of Holstein Cows which gave an average of 35 lbs. of milk per day per cow.  Schools in that area used our dairy as training grounds.

Messenger Muhammad built fine homes on these Muslim farms, air conditioned and comfortable.

Our Alabama farms had a total of 9,000 acres...crops of soy beans, corn, wheat, cotton, vegetables and watermelons...transporting 31 trailer loads of watermelons across the country at 40,000 pounds per trailer.

He built unit houses approximately 200 families...with an average of four to a family...he provided over 800 Black people in modern housing in Chicago...all for low rent...for his followers and decent neighborhoods.

In Georgia Farms...5,000 acres...crops of vegetables, soy beans, corn, hay and a beef herd of 800 head...ultra-modern dairy with the capacity of milking 200 head per milking...a cannery which shipped into the Chicago Area:  String beans, Apple Sauce, Whole Apples, corn, Tomatoes and Okra to serve our Restaurants, Bakeries and other Businesses...16 Chicken houses...a Grain Mill for making feed for our 1,500 head of livestock and 100,000 chickens.

Messenger Muhammad taught that a people cannot exist freely without land, that we must become producers and not consumers.

He provided Tractors - plows, cultivators, planters, combines, modern hay cutters and baler, cotton pickers, sprayer, grain drills...and if we were to line up this equipment it would stretch nearly 3 miles.

He built stores and warehouses to preserve our feed for throughout the seasons.`One of the floors in our building located at 26th and Federal Street in Chicago, had trailer loads of the small navy bean...our crop of wheat was plentiful and was used as feed for the livestock.

Muhammad Speaks Newspaper:  the finest equipment by trained, all Black laborers and technicians (Muslim and non-Muslim)...computerized photo - composition typesetting elaborate process camera...modern eight - unit Goss Urbanite web press which printed up to a 96 page newpaper (this was excellent back in the 1960's)...print at speeds up to 60,000 copies per hour...instant labeling...machine could address up to 10,000 newspapers per hour.  Muhammad Speaks Press and newspaper plant was a massive four-story, 60,000 square foot building...located in Chicago...first floor housed complete transportation center where powerful air-conditioned and stereo equipped Kenworth brand truck-tractors -- the "Cadillac" of trucks - are serviced and made ready to link distant point of the Nation, delivering products, grown, manufactured and processed...purchased, renovated and remodeled by the Muslims in 1968.  The second floor offices was the nerve center of the largest Black Newspaper in North America...combed the cities and the backwoods, the alleys and the shantys, the ghettoes and the government offices as well as the major communication centers througout the Black world to get the latest up - to - the - minute news...General Business Manager, supervises and coordinates...efficient accounting department...switchboard and reception desk...modern library, comprehensive information... Micro - film reader and printer.

Over 40,000 birds...housed under climatic conditions with controlled feeding to produce the highest quality eggs...our own egg processing plant and shipped to our various markets... In one year our chicken farm in Michigan produces over  360,000 dozen eggs.  We were the growers, packers, shippers, retailers and consumers (this was progress)

We produced our own meats:  beef and lamb!

Capitol Cleaners:  Among the teachings of Messenger Muhammad is to be clean...inwardly as well as outwardly.

A transportation system...a fleet of Kenworth Tractors and Trailers...having the capacity to pull up to 100,000 pounds of freight in the 40 foot regrigerated trailers equipped to carry dry commodities or goods demanding cool or frozen temperatures during transport...the fleet contained many in - city trucks which delivered eggs, produce and meat to retailers throughout the city.

Muslim Import Store:  Messenger Muhammad created ties with the people of other Nations and had become Importers of their high quality products into the Country for sale to our people at just - the right prices.

National Clothing Factory:  Producing our Nations garments...a full line of ladies, men and children apparrel.

University Of Islam Schools:  Science, Mathematics, Religion, Chronological History, Technology, Medicine, Health and so much more...there were over 40 Schools in America.

The Nation's Bank:   Messenger Muhammad's Economic Blueprint had been a major path which The Nation Of Islam travelled to reach...Banking proved itself to be a great step ... on our way to independence.

Your Super Market:   Messenger Muhammad's teachings on How to Eat to Live...our market provided fine quality and low prices.

The Muslim Bakeries:  Shabazz Bakery...BEAN PIE (hummm)...first introduced by Messenger Muhammad.

The Nations Air Plane which carried produce, our newspapers and clothing from coast to coast.

Whiting Fish:  Brought in from the clean waters of Peru and sold at $5 a slab...over 20 pieces per slab.  He fed multitudes with only one fish.

Our messenger taught by example to go for self as an independent people as other Nations going to the earth for our necessities of life.

No other Black man in all of American history has done more for his people, he fed our stomachs, backs and minds.  Employing Black men and women by the hundreds of thousands!!!

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8 years ago  ::  Feb 06, 2010 - 10:05PM #2
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He fed million with one fish?     and he helped thousands of Black people...only blacks?  hmmm

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