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9 years ago  ::  Mar 25, 2009 - 1:02PM #1
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I did not want to continue to post on the Forum Guidelines thread because it is about forum guidelines and who can post here - not about contradictions or beliefs.

However, I did read parts of the recent posts there, and am starting a new thread based on something Semachiah said in the forum guideline thread.

Y'SHUA said that belief on Him was not the important part, that it was not what actually would save us but that belief on HIM that sent Y'SHUA ( i.e. belief in YHVH)  is what would save us. I agree that we are to confess with our mouths (Rom 10:9) that Y'SHUA is Lord but that is a position that was appointed to Him after the cross (Phil 2:9-10)  and which made Him the Master of the things of this world until the fulfillment of the time of redemption but then He will lay all things/authority down under the feet of YHVH (1 Cor 15:25-27)  and relinguish His Lordship to be our Brother (Rom 8:29)  according to the rest of The Scriptures. Therefore I guess I am asking for further clarification on this as well as to ask if this is a restricted or closed community is there no evangelization? Is there no outreach to the lost or misled here? Is there really no opportunity to discuss and debates differences in our views of CHRISTianity or is this just a "feel good" but do virtually nothing community? I "seriously" want to know so that I can decide if this is going to be a waste of time or something of value for the Kingdom of YHVH?

First, I need to say this is a protected board, and those who post here who are not Evangelical and are rude, their posts will be removed. For those who are not Evangelical and are respectful, I try to be more open. There is no evangelizing, but there is Bible study, support, encouragement, and good fellowship on this board, and the people who post here are warm and welcoming.

The reason I started this thread, though, is because of the comment above regarding the cross, that the Lordship of Christ was appointed after the cross.

I, and all Evangelicals I know, believe Christ when he says "I and my Father are one", and that even in Phil. 2, it is stated that Christ is in very nature, God, but that he made himself nothing. I also believe the many witnesses who claimed he was Messiah while he was alive as a man, and I also believe John 3:16, which says that God sent his son and anyone who believes in him will have everlasting life. I also believe Jesus himself - in very nature, God - when he said that you have to be born again to see the Kingdom of God...that is, born of the Spirit, and you only have access to the Spirit through the Son.

It is not enough to believe in must believe in Jesus Christ, be born again through him and accept his payment of death on your behalf, confess that he is Lord. The whole reason God became a man is for the cross. It was not appointed after was appointed from the beginning. You can even see historically how God knew it all along by mapping out Jesus' geneology from dozens of generations before Jesus' birth. The whole ministry of Christ was to prepare a way of reconciliation with the Father through his sacrifice.

Jesus / God never relinquished his lordship at all....he was Lord even as a man. His disciples knew it, hence the announcement from Peter: You are the Christ! The Son of the living God! Peter knew Jesus was Messiah even when Jesus was a man.


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9 years ago  ::  Mar 25, 2009 - 9:16PM #2
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Hey An,

If you can, would you go back and either delete or bring over the posts on the forum guidelines?  I went over there to read the quidelines before I answered a question on another thread and found that you now have to scroll down a whole page of posts to get to them if you have your browser set to give last posts first and this may cause some to not read them when they visit there.

Thanks and God bless.

In Christ, Ted.

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