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9 years ago  ::  Mar 08, 2009 - 6:49PM #1
Mak Tin Si
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What do you think of "ghost"?

share your views!
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9 years ago  ::  Mar 11, 2009 - 4:26AM #2
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I do not believe in death. I know that death cannot exist. I know this because I am in contact with people who have transitioned years ago.


I feel their presents and here them speak to me. My wife sees there bio-energy in the form of a dull aura clearly seeing their faces. I am also aware of the spirits of cats and dogs that have stayed with my wife and her family house for many years; they are waiting for my wife and her children to transition so that they can rejoin them.


Ghosts are bio-energy forms or spirits that are in existence in a place that they are reliving for an extensive time. They stay in this form for as long as it is useful for them. They can choose to leave this form at anytime. Many are living out their daily lives in sort of a time warp.


My guides tell me that [ghosts] are people and animals that find a niche that they feel comfortable in being around environments that they are use too from their lives in human or animal form. Cats and dogs have a tendency to stay with their masters even after transition.


Sometimes when the individual has existed in these environments long enough they make a choice to create another existence somewhere else. Many times these souls are helped by guides that have a single purpose; too help the individual leave their familiar surroundings to exist with the rest of their soul-clusters.


In the spirits point of view time has not past at all. In our human consciousness we have heard of stories of haunting taking place in a single location for hundreds of years, to the spirit time has not past at all.


Ghosts are the explanation of a human consciousness that is only relevant to humans, spirits linger with family members and friends for years always guiding them and supporting them through tough times.


Spirits do not leave us, they exist as long as they are needed or depending on the many different souls that are in their soul-cluster that are still living in human form.

A soul-cluster can be in the tens or hundreds depending on the soul cast or rank. Younger souls (like me) have very large soul-clusters.


I according to my guide was created from the source in the 23rd millennium about 2202 B.C. on our current calendar of July 22 in Mesopotamia being my first life experience. My wife and children are apart of my soul-cluster that is in essence about 2250 souls or more, that I coexist with from time to time making my experiences on Earth interesting if not just plain fun and exciting.


I suppose at one time or another I haunted a few castles for a couple of hundred years or so. We all have. It depends on our condition and spiritual focus. I create all the illusions that I want to build better and better experiences.


I do not believe in Karma, Karma would make me think that there is somebody or some thing that has judgments about me. I do not even believe in God much less than Karma. I'm sure that through all the many hundreds of lives I have lived; the millions of beliefs I held, all of them were not wrong.


I exist to experience, and my experiences are added to the infinity of the universal mind that can be studied and relived over and over again by others or me. We all add to the pot our experiences and so on, and so on, and so on.


God is a spiritual explanation for the supernatural. I know in this lifetime that the supernatural does not exist. God is an impersonal machine that collects data with a single answer of yes. Any question or any request for a different feeling the only answer the machine can give is yes.


I am sure that many of you reading this think there are special things you have to do to be enlightened. I am sorry to report; my guide says that there is nothing you have to do except have an open mind. We all experience enlightenment in small steps that come in the form of new ideas that are simply points in which our amnesia clears enough for us to remember. You see, when we are in spirit form we know everything. Living life as a human being is remembering not learning.


As our soul grows older, it loses or gains more souls in its cluster depending on the spiritual focus or rank. Each time that we move into another cast, we are enlightened to a higher state of consciousness leaving behind our old things and embracing the new.


You can however use prayer and meditation as a means to changing your current feelings. Prayer is a catalyst that helps us change our feelings. Meditation is receiving or remembering new data that helps us in our daily lives.


Miracles and supernatural events are illusions, nothing is supernatural everything can be explained scientifically. Natural laws govern the machine; the machine collects data and sends out feelings or energy in motion (emotion) to whoever feeds the data in the machine as requests or prayers.


The concept for the machine is very basic and easy to use by anyone. The key is to realize that the machine is everything to the collective conscious; knowing that if you trust the natural laws, everything is possible.


So, go out, have the time of your life (this life), and join your friends as they collect new experiences. Be a ghost for a while, have some fun. We have all the time in the galaxy.

Dao Lotus Bear
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9 years ago  ::  Mar 11, 2009 - 5:32AM #3
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What is your definition of "ghost"?


It's hard to discuss such a huge subject without knowing what you're referring to.


Also wondering why this is on the Taoism discussion board?


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9 years ago  ::  Aug 09, 2009 - 11:51PM #4
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I have never seen any indication whatsoever that such a thing as ghosts exists.

Death is merely the universe's cessation of perpetuating that particular pattern, which you call your "self" and erroneously believe to be seperated from everything else.

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9 years ago  ::  Aug 11, 2009 - 9:00PM #5
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Depends on what sense of the word "ghost" you are referring to in Taosim.  There is ghost as in someone's spiritual essensce, but then is also Gui Xian or Ghost Immortals ( people who started practicing taoist internal alchemy late in life, despite their wisdom their health prevented them from achieving unification with the Tao. They can achieve this in their next incarnation or by borrowing the body of a yaounger person who has just passed over.) In which sense are you refering in this post OP and what is it you exacltly want to know about what we believe in them?

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