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9 years ago  ::  Mar 05, 2009 - 11:30AM #1
Mak Tin Si
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Things start to screw up after people come over!

This is a big huge common topic here everyone~!

Have you ever have this problem in your life? Here you are living with a family, with some kids.. they are fine and cute.. nice.. everything works perfectly fine.. but once your friends or guests came over.. and they left..

you find that things start to break, malfunction, and many things just seems to go in chaos.. then your kids start to act weird, and turn bad.. naughty and give you a headache.. !!

Have you have this happen in your life?

Or you will suddenly turns grumpy and moody, you and your wife start to argue alot more...?

This is due to the sense of "energy flow" in the house.

When people go over to your house, they leave their energy in your house too. So I can say most people do have "negative energy" with them, specially those who like to go to the western style phyics.. or the thailand gong tau masters... etc,.. they then leaev you a bunch of "dirty stuff" or "beings" in your house.. they will then influence your living and surroundings.. which all shows in all the ways you can mention and imagine...

What a disaster eh? Hey, it's part of nature, you gotta learn it or suffer through it! We are taoist, of course we learn it and get it out of our life~!

So what we do is get soemthing taht can solve the problem~!!!

to be continued...!


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