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9 years ago  ::  Mar 04, 2009 - 2:05AM #1
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Dao teaching about gambling is very interesting. The Dao Monk Mohr Dien Shein Char states that gamblers playing the lotto absorb anxious energy when they purchase a lottery ticket. The millions of ticket holders feed that anxious energy right into the pot.


When the winner wins the pot, they win all the anxiety with the money, making the winners much more anxious to rid themselves of the money.


Think before you buy your next lottery ticket.

Dao Lotus Bear
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9 years ago  ::  Mar 07, 2009 - 8:41AM #2
Mak Tin Si
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That is very interesting topic raised. Maybe I can share some views.


Taoism teaches the way of viewing money in life this way...

#1) The source of wealth

The source of wealth is a factor that we all have to learn and know. First, taoism view our life cycle as a looping cycle, so called recarination in the west. So we have a present Life, we have a past life and we have a future life of course. When we talk about life cycles, we count back 7 lives and forth 7 lives with one present in the middle. Whatever we do in the past life generate a bunch of good and bad karma credits, when you die, nothing carries on but your karma credits. So after the afterdeath living period, you get rebirth and you came to your present life. Now at this present life, you started off your life with a preset life luck-trend pattern formed by the karma credit you accumulated in the past. Wealth is then part of the luck-pattern. So you are set for how much you get in wealth every month and year.


#2) Lottery wealth

Lottery is not part of the original wealth-luck that is preset, it is bonus, extra(s) in our life. The way we can accumulate luck with lottery is first by seeing the "extra potential" given to us in our life preset luck-track. There are 6 periods in our lifes that are good and 3 that are bad. The good ones are meant to reward you and the bad ones are meant to let you suffer and get your paybacks. So during our good periods, there are sometimes "bonus" from the nature that we can get, but we usually miss them because we do not have enough "FUK credit" accumulated in us. If you do have enough, you will then be able to buy a lottery and win some money during that period.

#3) What is FUK?

FUK is a letter in chinese meaning "fortune". To accumulate FUK, you need to beaware of many things, like karma generated from your verbal, mind and physical body. If you do bad karma deeds, you automatically deduct FUK from your life. If you do good deeds to generate good karma, you accumulated FUK credits into your life track. Also, eating is a very important thing in taoism, if you eat with good habbits you also accumulate FUK credits too. There are alot of teachings about this in Taoism.

#4) So how can we have good luck with lottery?

Lottery is something that come from surprise. To win, you must first buy it at a time with good energy flow, you can increase the chane of winning by knowing how to do the "date picking" methods in taoism. Second, you need to go to a place which is very active and energize to buy the tickets. Sometimes you can choose the lottery stands in a mall with lots of people or you can look at the fungshui of the lottery stand and see if it is good energy flowing or not. The good energy flow ones have more chance of winning and you can see they have past winners posted too.

#5) When you buy lottery, it is not good to just buy once and go. If you buy it in a consistant way, like three times a week and you keep it for 3 years. That would accumulate the "energy" of lottery into your own bank and which gives you more chance of winning too. Of course, you gotta store up all the tickets at home in a box and not just toss them into the garbage! It's a secret method there!

When you buy any lottery, there is a box to place it into, the box is specially made to dissolve the bad energy and keep the good ones with wealth. So if you have the knowledge to make the box, that is of course not a problem to get some side-track cash running into your pockets, but you must donate 10-20% of the income from lottery each time you win to some good charities. This will do you good karma and also generate more chance of winning in the future if you donate more to good places such as sick kids or building schools. Donation is a very important factor to win non-stop and get your money rolling!

Mak TIn Si

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