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9 years ago  ::  Mar 17, 2009 - 8:42AM #1
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Dec 31, 1969 -- 6:00PM, alyosha77 wrote:

EyesoftheWorld wrote:

I may be going to Hell in a bucket... but at least I'm enjoyin' the ride. - John Perry Barlow

Wasn't that a Grateful Dead song?

Lol, I'm gone for I don't even know how many months, and I come back to find you two exactly where I left you...talking about music :)


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9 years ago  ::  Mar 27, 2009 - 11:33PM #2
Jarrod R
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Dec 31, 1969 -- 6:00PM, alyosha77 wrote:

My understanding is (and I'm a Christian not a Taoist) that it a way of acceptance or making peace with everything life throws at you. The longer you do this the freer you become. You glide through the trouble and turmoil (and the inhumanity) like a hot knife cuts through butter...effortlessly. Question: What do you mean by shredding your belief in your "separateness from everything" Do you mean you individual identity? if so, did you consider that that bad?

No, I don't consider an individual identity a bad thing.  What I do consider an unproductive (or better yet, a counter-productive) thing is the belief that the individual identity is that important.  I heard a quote from a movie once that was something like "I never saw a bird fall down dead from a tree and feel sorry for itself" ... (close enough for gov't work).  The meaning being the bird doesn't defend his individuality.  He co-exists with his natural setting, with his natural inputs & outputs.  He doesn't fight nature.  He goes a long with it for as long as it's willing to have him.  Meanwhile, man is using his vast intellect to fight and control nature at every step.  Why?  For what end?  Is it simply for comfort?  Is it to prove man's dominance over all?  To make up for our fear of the unknown?  ???  Maybe all of the above?

Why not accept that at some point nature will dump us overboard.  No problem.  When we're done, we're done.  When we're ignorant, we're ignorant.  When we're happy, we're happy.  Child-like mind ... So much less trouble.  So much more in phase with every natural process.  And, I believe, so much more connected to The Whole.

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