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10 years ago  ::  Nov 11, 2008 - 11:41AM #1
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Hi i just wanted to know if anyone  believe in watchers this has really been a interesting topic for me because i'm reading a book called  FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS : By Andrew Collins   I read the book of enoch i really enjoy the book one of my favorites read it more than twice ....i want to know if anyone had more information on this topic i've searched the web for a few things ...but just wanted to know more about it.
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10 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2008 - 9:54PM #2
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What I find most interesting concerning the Grigori or Watcherz iz the deal some of them made with the Creator or "God" to live out a series of reincarnations in human form for 70 generations or 7,000 yearz, while otherz were cast into Tarsus or Tartus or Hell to await the day of judgment. Find the name of an Angel from the Order "Keepers of Powerz" and follow the list of namez and events to the camp of the Watcherz, fascinating journey to say the very least. This story transcendz all religious and lorish linez and remainz the one story which all agree on.
Verchiel/Zerachiel iz the angel of the month of July/August and ruler of the sign of Leo in the Zodiac(Rf. A Theological Discourse of Angelz, pg. 67). Verchiel is also one of the rulerz of the Orderz of Powerz. In 'Amulets and Talismans' Verchiel is equated with Nakiel. According to 'Traite Elementaire de Science Occulte', Verchiel iz the governor of the Sun. Nakiel/Nakhiel/Nachiel in the Kabalah is the 'intelligence' of the Sun, especially when the sun enterz the sign of Leo. Nackiel's cabalistic numerical derivative is 111. His corresponding spirit iz Sorath(q.v) according the Paracelsus' doctrine of Talismans(Rf. The History and Practice of Magic I, pg 318). Zerachiel also seen as Suriel and Saraqael in some traditionz, is one of the 7 angels "who keep watch" as in Enoch which you are reading, I and Esdras IV. This would place Zerachiel in with the camps of the Grigori(q.v.).  Suriel is (known as Sariel/Sauriel/Suriyel/Surya "God'z command") also identified with Uriel, and 'Metatron'(he managez to stick his face in just about everywhere, also Ariel, and Saraqael, etc.  Like, Metatron, Suriel is a prince of the prescence and like Raphael, an angel of healing. He is likewize an angel of death(one of many angelz of death, that is) such az Azriel, and az such Suriel was sent to Mt. Sinai or Mt. Nebo? "The Red" to fetch the soul of 'Moses',  In Enoch I , he iz one of 4 great archangelz. In the 'Falasha Anthology he iz dubbed "the Trumpeter" or Gabriel. It is said that 'Moses' received all of his knowledge from him(although, Zagzagel is likewize credited with being the source of 'Moses' knowledge). According to Talmud Berechoth 51a, it was he who instructed Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha in the lawz of hygiene. On gnostic amulets, Suriel's name appearz beside thoze Paguel, Peniel, Uriel, and Raphael. Origen, 'Contra Celsum VI, 30, lists him as one of the 7 angels in the Ophitic Hebdomad system of the "primordial powerz". Here, when invoked, makes the appearance of an Ox? In the Kabalah, he is one of the 7 angels that rule the earth. In 'Gnostics and Their Remainz', pg. 88, Suriel along with Erataoth and Thautabaoth, is called "a Jewish angel of Magian origin" and az one whoze name is found among thoze of genii/jinn presiding over fixed stars(Rf. 'Thrice-Greatest Hermes I' and 'Amulets and Talismans', pg 203, 375). Zagzagel, on the other hand, I could type here for the next 3 months on.

Ten lionz
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