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Sit down as a priest.
Serve the One with love.
Honor all existing things.

Let your wishes be known.
Share your love and wisdom.
Invite the One into your home.

Have you found your proper place?
Have you entered the station of a child?
Have you accepted love, guidance, and aid?

Do you see the spirit all around?
Do you see the role of the earth?
Do you see the power of the One in the heavens?

Let your eyes be opened.
Let your mouth be sweet.
Let the Spirit fill you as you speak.

The One is the sole God.
He created the heavens and the earth.
All work together in harmony.

Each existing thing has a purpose and place.
Each is a combination of spirit and earth.
The One fashioned them all.

Thoughtful men and women will inquire.
They will seek out what is true and wise.
They will grow to understand the meanings.

We do not speak of who is highest.
We do not speak of who is lowest.
Each by their nature has a proper role and place.

Teach the willing of the sacred.
Share blessings with all friends and kin.
Come as a child in worship of the One.

Come and share your gifts with others.
Take your place upon a sacred path.
All who love and worship are respected and heard.

Let others live in folly if that is their desire.
Let them go through life afraid and alone.
Open your arms to those who freely choose to live as a child.

Today you are accepted as God’s child.
Let your labor be done with love.
Let your speech be true and wise.

The Spirit of the One will give you guidance and aid.
Your thoughts and prayers will be known and heard.
Live in the righteous way of a noble child.
With love,

Rev Dorris
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