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8 years ago  ::  Nov 23, 2009 - 12:19PM #31
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Miriam Webster dictionary on the word "religion":

Etymology: Middle English religioun, from Anglo-French religiun, Latin religion-, religio supernatural constraint, sanction, religious practice, perhaps from religare to restrain, tie back

Interesting!  My spirituality doesn't constrain me ~ Grace Innocent

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8 years ago  ::  Sep 18, 2010 - 10:20AM #32
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Spirituality is that voice within.....the one that has taught us since early childhood the difference between right and wrong. In other words, Spirituality is the univeral voice that beckons us to 'do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves'. Spirituality is devoid of ego and resides only in the realm of consciousness.   More importantly, spirituality is non-judgemental. Spirituality is all inclusive...the knowledge that we are all connected.  We are all spiritual beings occupying a human form.   Spirituality does not require a structured religion.  However, one should not discount the intrinsic value of our past and current spiritual disciples (from Jesus Christ to Buddha to our current spiritual disciples:  Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Lesser, Reverend Bacon, etc).   Our spiritual disciples assist us in attaining or maintaining our ability to attain and/or maintain consciousness....the ability to live in the moment (to be present and not identify with ego).



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8 years ago  ::  Oct 07, 2010 - 5:59PM #33
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I wanted to state the stark omission on the left side of this page of what i along with many, many others consider to also be one of the foremost and highly recognized religions in the world. This religion is Spiritualism/Spiritism. To a degree there is a difference but i will write about this at a later time. You do go on to mention the Spiritualism aspect further but not in as much warranted detail nor initially when you name all the other methods of worship and the specific religions on this page. In addition i want to add what i along with millions of other people consider to be a most reverent religion. In my opinion this religion can come under the names of many, many headings or sub-titles. As a child i was raised a Catholic/Christian. My brother and myself attended parochial schools all of our lives and went to church/Mass each and every day, regardless of, rain, shine, cold etc... Years later i lost my faith in Catholism but during those years i did become involved with many, many other religious factions in search for what i thought was the True religion. All of this was completely in vain. Thinking back, while my brother and i attended Mass for all those years my mother very, very rarely did so. What she did do was practice her own religion which was apparently the common practice and belief to not only our neighborhood but to the entire Hispanic society, specifically certain cultures. These people had their own private and very sheltered small in scale Altars at home and on these Alters there would be such things as statues of Saints, Flowers, Prayer Books, a glass of clear water etc.... In either case, i never did find what i sought  so desperately for, until finally i had a very, very clear revelation and then i knew that the answers lie right within myself. I looked within myself and that is how i finally decided that i could not identify with any specific or particular group of organized religions as each and every one that i endeavored to incorporate into my life, my heart and my soul left me feeling empty and without purpose. I also knew in the very depths of my heart and soul that finding, learning and allowing myself to become open to the wonders and miracles and faith awaiting for me would finally make my existance complete.  Spiritualism and Spiritism would also banish my inability to cope and deal with those stresses and pain that are cruel and hurtful and quite often come into our lives. I therefore decided to follow my heart and develop my Spirituality instead as i knew that in doing so i could also become more compassionate, more caring, giving, empathetic and the best human being that i possibly could be. . I would now foster a true, honest and loving relationship with my maker. Today i consider myself a very, very strong  , devout and Spiritual person and i am much, much happier for it.                                                                                        Rosalind Rivera


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7 years ago  ::  May 31, 2011 - 7:24PM #34
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Spirituality is the expression of religious beliefs.  Once quantified, the religious beliefs then comes to a point where "organized religion" takes over.  If spirituality was a religion, then it will have to function normally within a rigid or flexible routine.  Spirituality is not a religion; it is an expression of religious beliefs.

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7 years ago  ::  Jun 25, 2011 - 10:20AM #35
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Spirituality is as individual as people are.  They stay away from people telling them what to believe.  They choose what they like and leave the rest go.  With organized religion you can't do that. .... it's all or nothing pretty much.  If a person who is in organized religion doesn't believe certain things taught in the religion, herm has to keep it to themselves.
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7 years ago  ::  Jul 05, 2011 - 4:01PM #36
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Feb 26, 2008 -- 12:53PM, alanna25 wrote:

I am having a discussion with a friend who believes by the definition of the word "religion" and "organized" that spirituality falls within the definitions, hence, spirituality is considered an organized religion.

A particular area of spirituality/spiritism, channeling, he also considers to be "organized religion".  I wanted to know, from people who practice spirituality, do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?

BTW, I think he is wrong, as spirituality doesn't have the same structure as organized religions have.




I truly believe religion and spirituality are completely different vehicles of
faith. For me, religion tells me what not to do. Spirituality is about
connecting to your true nature and it is that inner voice in us all the tells
us what to do. I personally think religion is weighted and unnecessary. Once
you are connected and centered spiritually, everything you need is already
present within - JCB

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