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10 years ago  ::  Dec 25, 2007 - 10:05AM #1
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aMy Ex husband is a Sunni Muslim. How many Sunni muslims are there in Nigeris and are they practicing Islam correctly or are they practicing more of culture? Just curious!
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9 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2009 - 12:48PM #2
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As-salaam u-lakem,

The Sunni Muslims in Nigeria practice Islam with a lot of local traditions.  Most Sunni Muslims in that part of Africa fall uner the Maliki school of Islam which encourages local traditions that do not conflict with traditional Islam...example: Removing the clitorous from females.  That is not an Islamic tradition but an African one that is excepted because of the theory of modest behavior(no clitorous, no sex drive).

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9 years ago  ::  Jul 18, 2009 - 11:40PM #3
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hold up!  anywhere you go, muslims practice there culture just as much as they practice Islam.  I understand your concern about that.  We as Americans muslims have always had to deal with other people's ways being imposed upon us, especially in Deen.  Other muslims see us as half steppin' because we aren't dogmatic.  You name it, there is a culture that is practiced more than Deen: Somali, Pakistani, Persian, south east Asians, and west Africans.   But even if you were to travel to Saudi Arabia, where muslims make haj, you will find Arab culture and not Islamic culture being practiced by most of the muslims.  Everyone else on the face of this Earth has been able to have an Islamic identification except Americans.  And it's not right.  I have seen guys from the middle east breakin' there necks to come this dunya called America, while the muslims who were born in America are running from it traveling to other countries.  I have seen Arab cats come and establish businesses that are "haram" (i.e., liquor stores) and the first woman they try to wife is anything but a muslima.  So, Don't Trip.  Culture; it is what it is.  And Islam is pure worship of Allah.  You don't have to be salafiy.  You don't have to be Shi'a.  You don't have to be Sunni.  You don't have to be of any sect or goup.  Just know what it really means to be a muslim.

as Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahman-tu-Allahi wa Barakaatu

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 10, 2009 - 1:52PM #4
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Right on Amilius... it's the same here in the UK... you can only be a good Muslim if you embrace Arabic or Pakistani culture?!...

Well me, I'm off to read the Quran over a hot English breakfast tea!


P.S. I read your post out to my husband and he insisted I tell you he said: "alhumdullilah... preach brother, preach!" (he is too lazy to open his own account!)



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8 years ago  ::  Oct 24, 2010 - 4:45PM #5
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As far as I know, Nigeria has a good number of Muslims, more so in the north and in Abuja as well.  But I don't know anything about which sect is most dominating.  However, I would have to agree with Amilius about Muslims practicing culture over Islam.  I just hope that you are up on your Deen.  Because if you know exactly what Islam is for yourself then nobody can fool you or trick you into doing something that is not in keeping with Milat Ibrahim.  I think it's sad that we have to be more concerned with sects and schools of thought in this day and age.  There is too much going on both inside and outside Islam. 

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