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11 years ago  ::  Nov 24, 2007 - 4:27AM #1
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many times I become motivated to do something with my life.  I wake up and am focused on one particular thing but, a few days later I have a dream that gets me motivated to go a completely different direction so I can never seem to concentrate on one thing.

How do I know what my dreams are telling me?  I don't feel I'm able to get anywhere in my life because my interests are always changing based on my dreams so I can never stay focused on any one thing for very long>.
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11 years ago  ::  Nov 24, 2007 - 9:49AM #2
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Dear Truckerson,

I have some good news and bad news. It was great that you posted your concerns honestly. I looked at your profile, and it says you are an atheist. I once met a young man who claimed to be atheist almost by chance at a dream class. He was working at the store where the class was to be held. His atheism was very delibereate and somewhat macho, telling me that, as a boy, he did all he could not to learn anything in Sunday school. However, he was susceptible to superstition. I later read in the psychologist, Jung, that people who have no inner life are very susceptible to superstition. He believes that crossing the path of a black cat COULD be death, not necessarily, but just in case, it could be. These superstitions bind his soul. On the dream level, he was shocked to have a very disturbing and violent dream about armies of demons open firing in a city. He was on the run, as there were bullets everywhere. Try as I may, I could make no sense of his dream. Iraq and Katrina were raging away, and he had no compassion for those incidents, saying he couldn't do anything about it. He was an entirely selfish young man. He was brutalizing his soul without realizing it.

In your case, I think that dreams are leading you around by the nose. Somehow, you believe in them as important., but they are deviating your life instead of assisting you. Your major complaint is that you can't get a focus on your life. You may be pretty young, 20s?, so sometimes there is not focus at that age, and the thing to do is to be in training like on-the-job training or any other training until you know what you want to do.

Dreams give us perspectives, out of which we can choose options. The way that you are working with dreams, they leave you no choice. This is because of your need for direction and because you are taking them literally, whereas almost every dream is symbolic, not literal. The sybmbols come from your personal dictionary of symbols from your overall experience. There is no dictionary that you can run to in order to see what your symbols mean.

That all said, the good news is that these dreams DO motivate you. Having faith in one's life is NOT knowing but trusting, and you are doing that. How do the interests turn out when you follow them? It could be that God is talking to you on this level, so that you have to pry yourself from yourself for something else. Freedom from self is what spirituality is about., and we let go of our beliefs and what we held dear to emerge further in reality. Perhaps this is happening for you..

Last, if you don't want this dynamic of following dreams to happen, take control. Fix your wagon to a star and don't let up, regardless of what you dream. Try to see how the dreams are helping you or what questions they are asking you, rather than looking at them as directives. After sorting what a dream is about, there should be choice making. As you change your approach you will dream differently.

I have left different ways of looking at your situation. I hope that there is something to help you along.
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11 years ago  ::  Nov 25, 2007 - 3:23PM #3
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Hello Truckerson,

Dreams consist of a metaphorical language, a symbolic language…some of these symbols are personal…a frog might mean one thing to one person and something else to someone else…some of these symbols are more universal seemingly coming from the depths of a universal consciousness…Gods, Archetypes etc…

In essence one part of your mind – the subconscious part that notices everything is trying to speak to another part of your mind your conscious mind the part that likes to sort things and compartmentalize how you see the world around you…

To understand what is what in a dream look at your personal meaning of a thing, look at the context that, that thing had in your dream, how you felt, how you reacted, if you were able to react…etc check to see if that correlates to anything in your waking life…a similar situation or feeling…

Focus and control and direction...
Your dreams are reflecting your interests or lack of an interest in something back to you…they are reflections of you…the shifting perceptions are yours.  If you want focus- learn to develop that in some area and soon your dreams will reflect your new approach to life…

Hope this helps...
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3 years ago  ::  May 27, 2015 - 2:26AM #4
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I think that dreams are important. Mine are influenced by my mental illness and personality.

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3 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2015 - 9:48PM #5
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I had a dream last night, but cant remember what is was about, all i can remember is something or some one saying in my head psalms 14 over and over. i read the scriptures, but cant figure out what its trying to tell me.

I remember my pastor doing a sermon on samuel about the fool married to abbygel but he never read psalms and i never read this scripture.  

I think possibly its a message but i just cant figure it out.  

any thoughts?

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