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11 years ago  ::  Dec 16, 2007 - 1:44AM #21
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[QUOTE=stardustpilgrim;86140]We're really not trying to be free of our stuff; we're trying to justify keeping it. [/QUOTE]

How true.  It is part of our 'bad faith' (Sartre) I suspect.  We don't want to admit it but yeah we are hanging on to the samskaras (experiences) samjnas (thoughts) vedana (feelings) and the rest of the aggregates that make up the carnal body we are presently bound up with.

I think we know the danger of trying so hard to keep it (yeah Joan Rivers!).  We can become like ghouls hanging around a corpse.  In being this way that divine part of us is all but forgotten.  We have doomed ourselves to great suffering.  And for what? Fun?  Status seeking?  Wanting to avoid discomfort?  We don't need this.  They are joyless excursions that serve to tether our souls to sacrificial stake.
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11 years ago  ::  Dec 17, 2007 - 12:02AM #22
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Stardust--great thread!

And it looks like everyone here has their favorite authors on the subject.

My thanks to all for talking about and recommending your favorite authors/books on this subject

I'll add mine--Wayne Dyer--who often addressses these very issues in his books.

The books of his that I remember this issue being addressed most vividly are

1) "The Power of Intention" in which he talks about "ego" in relation to letting it go--and in relation to what he calls Source

2) "There's a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem" in which he addresses throughout the entire book the practical ways we can make that connection with Spirit/Source/God and loosen our attachments to the "stuff"--including ego-- in our lives.

"Spiritual Solutuon" was especially helpful to me with these issues in a situation/experience where most of what was happening was--to observers anyway--beyond any control of mine.

Releasing "ego" and finding the more direct connection to Source/Spirit/God really worked for me.


One example--Wayne talks about a situation (the whole book is based on discussions of specific kinds of situations and problems we find ourselves in) in which someone else is bothering us, angry with us, blocking us, etc.

He says--when confronted with the person--instead of getting angry, frustrated etc back--which would be a function of ego--

To think--"This problem/situation is not between this person and me. This is between God and me."

And then act accordingly.

I can't begin to tell you how powerful it is--and how quickly ego slides away--and how easily your thoughts/energies are taken to a higher level of functioning and understanding when you say that to yourself and mean it.

And then act on it.

Sending good thoughts for all.
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11 years ago  ::  Dec 17, 2007 - 12:16PM #23
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Hi, I haven’t read any of Dyer's books but I like his idea here, It is close to the way I think.  ” This problem/situation is not between this person and me. This is between God and me."

I think it's not that it’s between God and me but rather  that I am relating with God concerning the problem / situation / person.

For example, when meditating this morning the snow storm was on my mind. I felt fear that I would have an accident or something.  When this thought finally dissipated away another thought came, snow is beautiful! Choosing to relate to this thought, I ended my meditation without fear of the snow, thinking how beautiful the snow is.

The problem was between the snowstorm and my fear of it, not me and God.  God and I rather enjoyed the snowstorm together.  The only problem I had with God was when I was not able to share the idea of the beauty of snow.
Snow is beautiful! True?
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