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11 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2007 - 9:19PM #1
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Hello all,

I have been off line for a while and when I came back on the whold Beliefnet forum thing has changed. Wow! Anyway, as I mentioned, I am a newbie here and have a few questions. I am just learning to tune in to my intuition and sometimes I'm not sure if what I'm sensing is correct. or just wishful thinking. Is this a discussion place where one can ask questions about things like that? Also, probably because I am still learning, there are times when I just don't seem to get anything and feel like a boat adrift without a rudder. Is this a place to ask for help and guidance?

I'm going to go into the different threads to try and get a feel but I thought I'd go ahead and ask ahead of time.

Blessed Be to all
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11 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2007 - 10:25AM #2
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With intuition we are talking about all the senses going into a psychic mode for operation throughout the body in a more sensitive way.  Encouraging and enhancing all your 5 senses in the material world, then applying to the spirit is the way to go. 

Doing a do it yourself project can mean a lot of filtering of the wheat from the chaffe.  Getting in touch with a good teacher or group, can help open in a protected and informed way.  You would also find answers as you go.
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11 years ago  ::  Nov 16, 2007 - 9:22AM #3
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Hello and welcome to the Intuitive Board!
Always nice to see new names and faces come by and join in the discussions.
You have definatly come to the right place my dear, so no worry there.
Here on the Intuitive we try to cover all the areas of intuition including the good the bad and the 'Wow' I can do that , is that whats its called!  *smile
When one is first reaching out to enhance their intution, {also referred to as 'gut' instinct} it can get frustrating at times, for that there is no doubt.
As Spiritalk mentioned it is a concept that uses all of our senses, even if we are not always aware of any one sense being used.
Many have some great ideas on ways to increase their awareness, and im sure will chime in here as well.
I have been working in the Light for approx 20 some odd years now, and I too am not above learning.  That is one of the first rules of Lightwork.....'No one has all the answers, and no one runs out of questions!  What does happen over time and practise though is the enhancing of ones own intuition to a level of trusting in it and knowing when its telling you something and of course when its not.
So please, ask away and ill do my best to answer your questions, and as I mentioned many others of course will give you some other views on the question at hand. Take away what resonates within for you, and of course leave the rest for no two people walk the same path at the same time EVER.  So the best way to work in the Light is to of course find out all you can, and never stop learning!  After a time your heart will tell you what feels right for you, and what is best left for someone elses beliefs. I do hope you enjoy it over here on the Intutive board.

Love and Light ^0^
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