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New Members Forum
This is a "launching pad" to help you get started as a member of the Beliefnet community. You can write your first practice messages here.
1,243 4,783 by Leeloo
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Hot Topics Zone
This is the place to debate and discuss the hot topics of the day.
49 5,207 by JCarlin
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Worth a Visit
Recommend a discussion, group, etc. that you feel your fellow members should check out!
37 118 by Beliefnet_community
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Do you believe in angels? Talk about it here.
346 3,852 by Stardove
Spirit Guides
If you believe in spirit guides share your questions, experiences and thoughts.
162 2,231 by Stardove
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African Methodist Episcopal Church
7 8 by RickJ
Anglicans & Episcopalians
The main gathering place for Anglicans and Episcopalians on Beliefnet.
2,203 41,721 by Nino0814
Anglicans: Conservative
For "Conservatives" including those who have split away from TEC and the Canadian Church.
139 1,276 by JoanTreese
Anglicans: Issues
Debate the validity and relative merit of Anglican belief and practice. Please read the board guidelines before posting.
89 2,082 by holst
Assemblies of God
32 90 by GodsGarden
72 857 by Dawninva
414 3,058 by outcast
Catholic Cloisters
82 668 by Mysty101
Catholic Issues
88 1,716 by janela
Catholic Retreat House
23 376 by Mysty101
Catholic: Ave Maria Cafe
530 11,465 by Pensive
11 122 by acomtha
Christian Science
23 110 by EriksAngel15
Church of Christ
51 506 by nadnareek
Church of the Nazarene
12 36 by Revjanetjacobsen2001
Congregational Church
5 8 by Sisterintruth
Disciples of Christ
93 809 by Theisticevolutionevangelical1
Eastern Orthodox
282 2,817 by Euthymios
Eastern Rite Catholic
9 43 by Glowingidols
4 10 by christine3
Latter Day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons
1,696 18,139 by BillThinks4Himself
343 3,833 by teilhard
9 30 by Sigurdur
94 643 by Pfumc
Metropolitan Community Church
7 19 by Do_unto_others
Non-Denominational Churches
26 182 by weberhome02
Oriental Orthodox
For those within The Oriental Orthodox Communion
5 13 by klm
Other Christian Denominations
10 45 by Thejesusmuse
Pentecostal Oneness
34 245 by Theo
Pentecostal Trinitarian
9 24 by rideronthastorm
78 1,302 by Talbott
Reformed and Calvinist Churches
15 118 by Lionstrong
Salvation Army
6 12 by Anthonymlee
Society of Friends (Quakers)
52 213 by timothysmiles
Swedenborgian / New Church
15 69 by newchurchguy
United Church of Canada
7 16 by Redbaron
United Church of Christ
31 175 by Tofayel521
Vineyard Movement
14 318 by Theo
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Christian Faith and Life
Christians of all denominations, join here to talk.
309 3,477 by Beliefnet_community
Christian-to-Christian Debate
Debate the differences in Christian beliefs and denominations. Christians only please!
2,504 103,751 by Roymond
Christian Denominations
Link to the Christian Denominations forums
1 1 by Beliefnetcommunity
Evangelical Christians
For Christians who believe that the Bible is literally true and the only authority for Christian faith.
302 3,700 by Roymond
Progressive Christians
For Christians who base their faith primarily on the Bible but do not necessarily believe the Bible is inerrant.
217 2,669 by Stardove
Traditional Christians
For Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians who subscribe to the Apostles' Creed but do not necessarily believe the Bible is inerrant.
80 1,081 by Marie_glen
Christian Music
24 161 by ted08721
Contemplative Spirituality
35 259 by Merope
Celtic Christianity
50 634 by mfjfarrell
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Death & Dying
For those who are dying and for surviving family and friends to share experiences and receive support for dealing with this life transition.
80 1,369 by Gacogal
Life After Death
91 2,264 by Aarron
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Art and Architecture
54 242 by Cristoforo
Movies, TV, Books, Music
1,037 13,659 by MarleneEmmett5
Games, Computers and Technology
Video games, online games, fantasy role-playing games, collectible card games, card games, board games, word games, brain teasers, puzzles: talk about them here!
99 962 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Religious Humor
Everyone knows that religion isn’t supposed to make us laugh--precisely why everyone has their favorite religious joke. Enjoy the ones below, and add yours to the list!
183 512 by Caliwebman
135 2,274 by Merope
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95 1,286 by Nebula
Ceremonial Magick
The use of rituals as a method of establishing a working relationship between man and the Divine.
6 76 by DotNotInOz
Fairies and Nature Spirits
Fairies, wee folk, nature spirits and magical creatures.
18 223 by Boldylocks
Folk Magic
Corn dollies, horseshoes, certain ways of doing things that perhaps your Granny taught you.
25 1,054 by Teufelhex
Paranormal and Supernatural
ESP, UFOs, Psychic Phenomena
125 1,964 by Kingskidd
Reincarnation & Past Lives
92 1,242 by Norman33
Discuss all aspects of rune craft including history, lore, divination and rune magic.
20 209 by Alex
Discuss and explore the various cross-cultural and historical meanings of sorcery and its allied arts.
123 998 by djbright
66 334 by Willyb71
Tarot and Divination
Discuss the arts of divination, cards, oracles, intuition, scrying, numerology, etc.
165 4,520 by BeerLover
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2 7 by christine3
13 113 by Jcarlinbn
24 129 by macoooo
Christian Denominations
1 1 by Beliefnetsabee
2 4 by Jcarlinbn
Link to the Christianity forums
1 0  
Reconstructionist Religions
4 2 by Beliefnetsabee
African Culture & Traditions
Books, libation techniques, ceremonies, Kwanzaa, tribal gear
10 18 by Orchid36
25 238 by Jcarlinbn
Ahmadiyya Movement
97 182 by Muhammad_Ahmad
African Religions
Followers of traditional religions of Africa
22 38 by in_my_opinion
Asatru & Northern Heathenry
170 1,187 by Beliefnet_community
Atheism & Secular Philosophies
311 5,476 by Namchuck
Baha'i Faith
253 2,972 by world citizen
Baltic & Slavic Religions
3 15 by Rangerken3
Brahma Kumaris
3 8 by janlamb1
A Course in Miracles
158 802 by NyarDream
Cao Dai
1 3 by Jerry14
Celtic Religions
The religious and cultural traditions of the ancient Celts as practiced by Celtic Reconstructionists, Druids and other forms of Celtic inspired Paganism.
102 809 by Iolanthe
Children of God
10 52 by rideronthastorm
12 31 by XingYi
42 307 by Anilorak13ska
22 122 by Kinpa
Falun Gong
22 39 by Thoughts2009
50 258 by Xianmyst
Hellenismos & Religio Romana
The religions of ancient Greece and Rome.
26 83 by Basthathorsekhmet
2 3 by Jm8
5 10  
45 199 by SecondSonOfDavid
Jehovah's Witnesses
951 10,910 by chiliast
Jews for Jesus
4 28 by Craig_w_dressler
Kemetic Religions
259 298 by Bleu
38 383 by Namchuck
Messianic Judaism
28 101 by davejohn
Nation of Islam
31 169 by Elijahs1disciple
Native American & First Nations
Discuss spiritual practices, culture and religious beliefs.
143 3,135 by christine3
New Age
79 392 by Ravenmew
New Thought
183 2,755 by Jupiter6208
Noahide Movement
Discuss the Noahide Movement: the path of the "righteous gentile" (non-Jew, Children of Noah) as defined by Judaism.
11 96 by Decolores
Other Baha'i Beliefs
20 37 by Reformbahai
For Pagans of all paths to talk with each other. Non-Pagans may participate as respectful guests.
378 11,029 by Freestyle
28 397 by river8101
5 18 by JCarlin
Sant Mat Radhasoami
290 318 by agochar
41 414 by christine3
Scientology: Church of Scientology
Scientology: Freezone
8 41 by Merope
Seidhr, Spacecraft and Leechcraft
Seventh-day Adventists
92 1,020 by clintedwards
151 2,745 by Tenlionz
18 82 by XingYi
17 66 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
127 979 by RevDorris
Unification Church
8 38 by sw4u
Unitarian Universalism
320 3,643 by RevDorris
Urantia Book
11 78 by christine3
For Wiccans to talk with each other. Respectful guests may participate.
147 1,529 by Freestyle
For those who practice Witchcraft. Non-witches may participate as respectful guests.
53 428 by Piksileigh
13 30 by Sacrificialgoddess
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Welcome: A Course in Miracles
4 10 by sadiaali
Welcome: African Religions
For those who wish to learn more about the traditional religions of Africa.
3 9 by Cristoforo
Welcome: Atheism
6 43 by Jcarlinbn
Welcome: Baha'i
20 106 by Lilwabbit
Welcome: Buddhism
35 138 by rideronthastorm
Welcome: Christianity
For questions about Christianity, to discuss Christian theology and to promote the Christian faith.
112 1,329 by in_my_opinion
Welcome: Christianity: Anglicanism
For questions about Anglicanism, theological discussions and to promote the faith.
11 29 by Merope
Welcome: Christianity: Catholicism
94 706 by Faithfullearner
Welcome: Christianity: Eastern Orthodoxy
For questions about Eastern Orthodoxy, theological discussions and to promote the faith.
16 52 by Ordained
Welcome: Christianity: Evangelical
For questions about Evangelical Christianity, theological discussions and to promote Evangelical Christianity.
44 409 by Jonathandj
Welcome: Christianity: Friends (Quakers)
5 20  
Welcome: Christianity: Mormons
88 1,398 by withwonderingawe
Welcome: Christianity: Progressive
For questions about Progressive Christianity, theological discussions and to promote Progressive Christianity.
16 55 by Weepingangelofthetrees
Welcome: Christianity: Traditional
For questions about Traditional Christianity, theological discussions and to promote Traditional Christianity.
7 25 by Adelphe
Welcome: Gnosticism
2 5 by revtroy
Welcome: Hinduism
14 50 by Freedom_truth
Welcome: Islam
87 730 by BDboy
Welcome: Jehovah's Witnesses
94 1,298 by Nanalulu222
Welcome: Judaism
For members interested in learning more about Judaism.
78 677 by Pam34
Welcome: Messianic Judaism
5 13 by Idenitycrisis
Welcome: New Thought
3 5 by Lavender
Welcome: Paganism
Learn about teachings and practices. Ask respectful questions.
40 296 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Welcome: Reconstructionist Religions
Learn more about Asatru, Heathenism and Nordic/Germanic beliefs.
11 34 by gorm-sionnach
Welcome: Satanism
2 42 by Nonchristianheaven
Welcome: Scientology
12 41 by Tommyboy181
Welcome: Scientology Freezone
2 4 by spiritofplay
Welcome: Seventh Day Adventism
32 284 by Dconklin
Welcome: Unitarian Universalism
13 63 by DotNotInOz
Welcome: Wicca
For those who wish to learn more about Wicca.
26 236 by DalyaMaria
Welcome: Witchcraft
Learn more about Witchcraft.
13 137 by Sacrificialgoddess
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Economy & Personal Finance
Worried about the economy? Discuss personal finance, share tips, budgets, loss of jobs, coping strategies.
107 1,466 by Omighty
Workplace Issues & Spirituality
Office etiquette, ethics, religion in the workplace, find others in your profession
36 436 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Family & Parenting
Discuss issues related to family life and raising children.
661 10,973 by Merope
Food, Cooking & Recipes
Traditional, regional, Kosher, holiday cooking. Please do not post copyrighted material.
179 4,138 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Home & Garden
Give us your best tips for making a spiritual home or garden.
52 717 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Pets can be spiritual too! Tell us all about your favorite companion animal.
654 6,967 by Stardove
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Discuss African Religions
27 130 by Sacrificialgoddess
Discuss Atheism
1,564 129,040 by christine3
Discuss Baha'i Faith
226 7,541 by Lilwabbit
Discuss Buddhism
231 6,457 by Kartari
Discuss Catholicism
2,714 120,875 by Sthilarious
Discuss Christianity
(formerly known as Christianity Debate)
6,929 453,661 by Lilwabbit
Discuss Eastern Orthodoxy
43 338 by johnhus1966
Discuss Eastern Religions
7 31 by Beliefnet_community
Discuss Esoteric Practices
27 282 by Stardove
Discuss Evangelical Christianity
299 23,103 by InHisHands
Discuss Gnosticism
21 244 by InHisHands
Discuss Hinduism
177 3,233 by rocketjsquirell
Discuss Islam
644 27,604 by BDboy
Discuss Jehovah's Witnesses
4,552 175,861 by Kemmer
Discuss Judaism
786 26,701 by Merope
Discuss Kemetic Religions
6 60 by Sacrificialgoddess
Discuss Messianic Judaism
155 11,012 by river8101
Discuss Mormonism
1,258 54,621 by Aka_me
Discuss New Religious Movements
31 1,090 by Elijah
Discuss Other Beliefs
53 463 by StephenK.Adams
Discuss Paganism
An open debate to discuss the validity and relative merits of Paganism.
80 5,660 by Bowser
Discuss Past Lives & Reincarnation
20 721 by Windsor
Discuss Progressive Christianity
103 2,274 by Freedom_truth
Discuss Reconstructionist Religions
14 155 by Cristoforo
Discuss Satanism
21 607 by Merope
Discuss Scientology
68 790 by Druac
Discuss Seventh-Day Adventism
542 23,995 by Shibolet
Discuss Shamanism
An open debate to discuss Shamanism.
10 632 by Tenlionz
Discuss Spirit Guides & Angels
38 1,124 by joespadaford
Discuss Traditional Christianity
17 162 by Thetanager
Discuss Unitarian Universalism
45 633 by Jcarlinbn
Discuss Wicca
Open debate to discuss Wicca. Do not make negative remarks about other members.
26 769 by LeahOne
Discuss Witchcraft
Open debate to discuss Witchcraft. Do not make negative remarks about other members.
13 330 by CreakyHedgewitch
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Alcoholism Forum
113 1,762 by rideronthastorm
Eastern Practices & Martial Arts
Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chi / Ki / Qi, Feng Shui, Korean Hand Therapy, Martial Arts, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Vasstu, Wabi Sabi, Yoga
95 415 by Kimberly00a
Food Issues & Body Image
236 5,748 by Estacia
Spirituality & Health
Mind-Body-Spirit, Healing Effect of Prayer, Fitness, Holistic Health, Alternative Practices, Healthy Living
256 1,925 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Spirituality & Mental Health
127 1,688 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
54 856 by Karma_yeshe_dorje
Yoga for Health & Fitness
56 223 by Merope
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Inspiration Question of the Day
86 902 by GraceCalls
Most Inspiring Person of the Year
Who do you think is the most inspiring person of the year?
13 74 by Beliefnet_jennifer
What Inspires You?
What inspires you? Share your thoughts about people, places, events, anything that may have inspired you to focus on what is important and helped you to reach for new goals.
132 599 by nnn123
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Closed Board: For followers of Judaism to talk about their faith with other Jews.
408 6,325 by NahumS
Judaism: Jew-to-Jew Debate
Closed to followers of one of the recognized branches of Judaism only
16 347 by river8101
Judaism: Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism
Open to respectful guests
27 200 by Rabbi_Kabbalahh
Judaism: Shmooze & News
A place for members to talk about anything and everything. Open to respectful guests.
63 384 by Pam34
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
12 Tribes of American Politics
27 154 by Beliefnet_community
Church and State
152 5,782 by Roymond
Conspiracies & Theories
208 3,309 by Merope
Environmental Issues
584 11,008 by Beliefnet_community
Faith, Values & Public Policy
Conservative, Progressive, Values
172 3,342 by Walteranddeborah
Israel and Palestine News & Politics
Dedicated solely to discussion of Israel/Palestine issues.
336 7,429 by habesor
Middle East News & Politics
For discussion of all Middle Eastern issues except Israel and Palestine.
5,941 110,400 by Dostojevsky
U.S. News & Politics
20,178 599,939 by Aka_me
World News & Politics
1,110 33,166 by Merope
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Being Single
Discuss the joys and challenges of being single. Keep it PG-13, please!
623 10,512 by rideronthastorm
Divorce & Separation
Share experiences , help each other cope with the pain of divorce, separation, or a hurting marriage. Multi-faith.
396 4,543 by Willyb71
Relationships & Marriage
Relationships can be complex and challenging. Join us in discussing the issues. Multi-faith
809 14,919 by rideronthastorm
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History's Mysteries
Ancient Mysteries: talk about history, anthropology and archeology relating to spirituality and religions
116 5,867 by Beliefnet_community
Origins of Life
Creationism, Evolution, Intelligent Design
2,220 153,740 by Roymond
Religion and the Human Mind
The science of psychology, and the science and spirituality of mind from cosmic to cognitive.
195 20,405 by Beliefnet_community
Science & Religion
Discuss issues about the interrelationship of science and religion that are not covered in other forums.
681 64,261 by iamachildofhis
Science News & Issues
Discuss science issues, news and developments from a secular perspective.
229 2,228 by Merope
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Societies, Orders & Clubs
Talk about charitable and religious Service Organizations and Societies such as Oddfellows, Shriners, Elks
6 27  
The worlds oldest Fraternal and charitable organization, teaching a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols
9 165 by cemab4y
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
424 2,214 by Whoretense
Holistic Spirituality
Spiritual but not Religious
57 832 by Namchuck
Intuitive Counseling
Discuss intuition and the use of tools to assist the process of helping people change their lives for the better.
207 2,975 by BeerLover
96 664 by Aarron
For people who experience a connection which usually lies beyond their senses
294 10,793 by Namchuck
Discuss prayer, Centering Prayer, favorite prayers
169 717 by Punchinella
Prayer Requests
Share your requests for prayer
656 1,629 by Rjlockhart
Spiritual Poetry, Writing & Creative Expression
Share poems, stories and lyrics you have written.
1,795 13,251 by rideronthastorm
Spirituality & Spiritual Practices
125 6,809 by Artahrens
Spirituality for Men
Men, talk with other men.
20 175 by Piobair_Paganach
Spirituality for Women
Women, talk with other women.
51 530 by GreenT
Vegan Spirituality
Vegan ethics, the spirituality of veganism and share vegan life experiences.
11 121 by nnn123
Your Spiritual Journey
What happened in your life that drew you to your faith?
128 897 by Caliwebman
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Abuse Survivors Support
Abuse survivors, help each other cope. You must be at least 18 years old to post in this forum.
108 1,100 by Mysticmeow
Addictions & Recovery
Find support, share experiences with others in recovery and those dealing with various forms of addiction.
302 4,636 by Stardove
Arthritis Support
Support group for those with any of the many forms of arthritis and their families.
23 191 by Merope
Cancer Support
Discuss diagnosis, treatment and share experiences.
148 1,844 by christine3
Caregivers Support
Share tips and help each other cope with the stress of being a caregiver.
74 486 by MarleneEmmett5
Chronic Pain Support
Share experiences with others dealing with chronic pain in their lives.
181 1,459 by abelhollenbeck
Coping & General Support
If you are struggling with difficulties in your life, other Beliefnet members are here to walk with you.
309 2,903 by Ceejaylee
Depression Support
Share thoughts on this multi-faith support board.
625 23,609 by CarenR
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Support
Share experiences with others dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
113 1,090 by Nay_ho_tze
Grief Support
Talk about your feelings of grief, share with other members what has helped you cope.
223 1,937 by DAVIDA80
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Buddhist Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and a Buddhist.
30 120 by Skyyee
Catholic Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and a Catholic.
24 178 by TJamesS97
Christian Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and a Christian.
16 76 by heathergrimm
Hindu Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and a Hindu.
5 9  
Jewish Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and Jewish.
8 25  
Lesbian & Gay Teens
This forum is a community for gay, lesbian and bisexual teens of all faiths. Age 13 to 19 only please.
18 157 by REteach
Muslim Teens
Teens only, please! No adults. Chat about being a teen and a Muslim.
10 20 by Sufyan
Pagan & Heathen Teens
Chat about being a teen and Pagan or Heathen. Teens only, please! No adults.
28 273 by Essur
Secular Teens
Chat about being a teen and atheist, agnostic or non-religious. Teens only, please! No adults.
6 26  
Spiritual Teens
Talk about your beliefs and spiritual journey. Teens only please! No adults.
4 13 by Liz_Ramirez
Teen Talk
Teens: discuss school, music, movies, TV, books, dating, current events, or anything that comes to mind. Teens only, please! No adults.
42 450 by NotLostWanderer
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
For people age 20-29
55 723 by Zanotk
For people age 30-39
37 319 by Beliefnet_community
For people age 40-49
111 2,362 by faith850
Aging Gracefully (50+)
For people age 50 and over
284 5,507 by Stardove
Beliefnet Village Green
Casual social chatter open to all
242 88,086 by Callielou
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