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Is Jesus Christ Almighty God? I also object to your use of "him/her/it". I would go so far as to say that it is unholy (as in ungodly, godless, irreligious, impious, blasphemous, sacrilegious, profane,... 20 Replies
Purposes for Marriage I can agree with this. Procreation itself bears some discussion, since it (viewed in the larger sense as perpetuating the species) is really two different things. Making... 9 Replies
God Can Kill People; Why Can't We? It’s amazing to me that at a time when we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the historic events in Selma, Alabama that we can still have people trotting out Romans... 111 Replies
US Ambassador to South Korea Attacked That does not surprise me. I doubt the average American could find either Korea on a map. [/quote]This is common enough to be a cliche and a stereotype, but in a society that... 9 Replies
The Testimony of Jesus Prove it to me. Open the only Scriptures that Jesus used to refer to as the Word of God and I will believe you. Mind you that the NT, Jesus never even dreamed it would ever rise. 64 Replies
Ben Carson: Prisons prove being gay is a choice I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss that aspect. Many homophobes like Carson believe that that is how "they" recruit, or make, other homosexuals. 101 Replies
Good Job Do you think Obama is a King or something?Obama has nothing to do with this development 2 Replies
Noah's Submarine I'm curious how the two groups of people knew they were worshipping the same god under two different names. I had thought that Yahweh was a regional god and El was a universal... 28 Replies
Curt Schilling Outs His Daughter's Online Bullies - Gets Results I thought we were moving past that. I guess I'm wrong.Virtual rape? As with other forms of rape, it's not about sex but about power and domination. 13 Replies
Absolute Truth? CA: Me, I'm trying to figure out from you're writing if you're Yiddish or Canadian, or maybe a Yiddish-Canadian. (wink) CA: You can hear from God anytime you wish... but... 40 Replies
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