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Is free will evil? MM#3...If you're "spiritually discerning", then so are those who disagree with you.There is only one God the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible and who guides believers... 23 Replies
Paul didn't teach what Jesus taught. Good for James! An "endurance" example!OP: Paul didn't teach what Jesus taught. 128 Replies
Science: Fewer Guns = Fewer Gun Deaths Rabello,When you say close the gun show loophole are you talking about the selling of guns between private individuals or a catch all for somw laws you think are not tough... 15 Replies
Summary of the entire meaning of the Bible for us brain...Then tell me here what you get from it.Erroneous JW doctrine, contrary to Scripture. 2 Replies
OT: Beliefnet Community Willl Be Archived End of October Try Debate Poitics .com I am going to give them a try . 29 Replies
In the beginning ... Because God is sovreign and all-everything, He continues to intervene by His Creative Will in Mankind and his dwelling, the miraculous Planet Earth. God is not dead...NOR DOTH... 45 Replies
Kentucky County Clerk Asks SCOTUS to Intervene in Marriage Case She and her lawyer were full of it, thinking that the Supreme Court would hear her "special plea" when the Supreme Court ALREADY ruled on the subject.It'll be interesting to see... 16 Replies
Angels and or Faeries 2749 Replies
Temple Mount Activist Yehudah Glick Traveled to Turkey for Ramadan... The problem with personalizing the issue and making it about Jews as opposed to about Israel is that Jews then become valid targets in the conflict. (I understand that it is... 128 Replies
Somebody explain why we are not in a QE Bubble who pays for the debt on the fed's books? 5 Replies
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