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What is the threat? What happened to Upperlimits? Surely, I would think that he would have been interested in chiming in on this part of the conversation.[/quote]Oh, I'm interested all right... The... 468 Replies
Let Israel Finish This First off, it is not a bogus assumption that you have not written one word on Beliefnet about Syria's gassing of its own civilian neighborhoods. Perhaps you can prove that last... 441 Replies
GAME - Word Association ICE-CRAM 7143 Replies
notebooks Caren, The October theme is up to Deniese Right now she still has a lot going on with school and full-time job, so I don't know if she has thought about the theme yet or not.... 169 Replies
good night blue moons 3243 Replies
good night blue moons 3243 Replies
OT: Favorite Adult Beverage? (Happy Friday!) I had 4-5 of my cheap Natural Light beers.Apparently I'm not quite the correct political stripe to enjoy all that expensive stuff you guys drink.Actually ... it is the low carb... 3 Replies
Over 230 children killed in Gaza by 31 July 2014 Yes ...The "Hamas" and "Islamic Jihad" Terror Thugs don't care anything at all about "Palestinian" Children ... 11 Replies
Laughable 'reasoning' Ask almost any Hindu, and he will confirm it. 558 Replies
VICTORY: Powerful Court Strikes Huge Blow to Unions +1 Mr. President[/quote]Your Buddy Obama disagree'sFDR ... the initiator of leftists policy in the US would be considered a right wing nut by todays liberal standards. 2 Replies
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