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Where are the pro-woman GOP policies No, it is not us. It is EVERY STUDY EVER CONDUCTED.1) You yourself used numbers that show the pay gap.2) Study after study find that no matter what controls you add (education,... 61 Replies
Is the 'Son of God' God Almighty? I already addressed that on another thread, Daldianus. You have trouble generalizing a skill don't you? "The World" doesn't refer to just the planet, but refers to created... 33 Replies
Where are the pro-woman GOP policies How idiots think:1) Deny the pay gap exists. E.g. The Statistics have made it clear that the real number is between 91-96 cents on a dollar depending on job.2) Blame women for... 61 Replies
Where are the pro-woman GOP policies Nope, not at all. It is well known that there is sexism in hiring. Well, it is well known to people who type words into search engines and read the results:...a new piece of... 61 Replies
Jehovah of Armies is a manly person of war Kemmer - We do not called armed conflict sinful - i.e. no blanket statement like that at all - and, btw, you are not referring to the link.Note that human governments have the... 2 Replies
Where are the pro-woman GOP policies AAUW took a closer look at the difference between men and women who enter the same occupation. The apples-to-apples comparison found that women still earned about 7% less than... 61 Replies
Feminist atheism on rape as design I'm not sure I follow the logic here. Can you be more detailed and explicit on that?[/quote]Sure. Let's take the Christian god. Christians will assert god is the source of... 21 Replies
Creationism is over There is no clear line between life and non-life. There are chemical reactions. Life is the combination of chemistry and physics, it is not seperate from them.'The living cell... 59 Replies
Creationism is over Sorry, but you are completely off the mark, here. You are confusing location with environment. Environment is things like temperature, humidity, pressure, presence or absence of... 59 Replies
The one thing atheism can't do What a giant load of crap. I have no patience for ideological fanaticism. [/quote]Calling my critique of the moral relativism of Christians 'ideological fanaticism' is not a... 40 Replies
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