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Christian bakers fined $135,000 The owners of a mom and pop bakery have just learned there is a significant price to pay for following their religious beliefs.Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes... 0 Replies
Christians who lie about atheists Japan is number 8...right behind number 7 Canada.Is it due to their lack of religion or strict culture and laws?What makes Canada safer? 11 Replies
Health Insurance Rates Going Up \So, you should be glad.The Conservative position (as articulated on this board by TENAC and others) is that medical care is a commodity that the rich deserve to have more and... 3 Replies
Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified? Yet you have no support for your belief in a guy in the sky and think that more plausible than what Jesus offers.You would be funny if not so pathetic.RegardsDL[/quote]I... 53 Replies
Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Legal Across the US The burden is upon you to show that secularists behind marriage equality are a) extreme, and b) "forcing" some sort of new definition on you. Good luck with that. 141 Replies
Christian based net magazines Rider, who cares? 3 Replies
What does Coming to Christ mean? The difference...some work to save their ass. Others work to glorify God. 97 Replies
The violent take it by force If you find yourself working to obtain'll never achieve it.You're lost. 35 Replies
Laughable 'reasoning' That's nothing but a bald-faced lie. Wolpert did not come to that conclusion, in fact he has specifically rejected it. 1952 Replies
The Book of John RESPONSE: Does the present edition of the Bible name all the men that lived in Bethany? Still, the story of the Bethany youth and that of Lazarus are so similar, it's credible... 10 Replies
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