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School Shooting Gun Laws concerning age in Washington Restricted or prohibited persons § 9.41.040,§ 9.41.240 Generally,... 42 Replies
About the Arrogant Atheist Stereotype A fresh counter argument isn't possible now that the OP doesn't slant atheists more negatively. There is nothing now in the OP to argue about. 222 Replies
Linguibabble 239 Replies
Why Are The Vast Majority of Seventh-day Adventists Lost? Where is the big deal about serving God and Mammon? They are not doing any different from Paul who declared loud and clear that he would serve God in his mind and sin in his... 1 Replies
No, Its Never Been About Equal Rights As someone who regularly reads the Hellenistic Greek of the NT, what has always intrigued me about arsenokoites is that, absent this text, is it entirely unattested to in Greek... 841 Replies
About the Arrogant Atheist Stereotype Iwantamotto --- Well, I don't, as a theist, have a dog in this fight...That makes it especially nice that you are loyal to your friends on the board who are under duress, and... 222 Replies
Autopsy: St Louis Officer Shot Vonderrit Myers From Behind Numerous... Myers was a dangerous armed thug. He was involved in three separate cases while being armed.The world, except for the few that failed him, won't miss him.The Family is drawing... 35 Replies
Charles Barkley on Some Aspects of Being Black in America I think they're following the easy money trail the Democrats lay out. Democrats "covet" the Black Vote and they're going to keep them in place. The Democrats are narcissitic and... 8 Replies
About the Arrogant Atheist Stereotype What specifically do I think was edited? From now on I should save OPs to prove when people have changed their OPs. Are you kidding? It surprised me when I returned to the OP to... 222 Replies
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