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TERFs vs. SCAMs Does this mean you are against "affirmative action." 23 Replies
Democrat Senator with Loaded Gun at Ferguson Protest It's interesting how comfortable they feel expressing such sentiments in public.Do they think we won't notice which posters are making racist posts?[/quote]Tell us who... 43 Replies
TERFs vs. SCAMs His preferred gender pround is "he." So you have disrespected him, inadvertently, I'm sure.But he is most assuredly not a woman, or so he claims. Shouldn't his preferred... 23 Replies
The Book of Revelation Possibly stoned, engaged in shamanic journeying, or mad, or else writing in a literary form that utilizes deep and often bizarre imagery to get the author's point across.I... 9 Replies
Making Sense of Morality Then what would you like to talk about?[/quote]That's funny. Did you consider us wise? My post #286, you had no comment to. What I meant was, instead of commenting on it, you... 291 Replies
The Book of Revelation All those strange, multi-eyed, multi-horned critters, the "whore of Babylon", which of course modern Protestants say is obviously the Catholic Church, and other stuff which... 9 Replies
TERFs vs. SCAMs I remember a class in graduate school. All women, except for one man. There was a leadership exercise. I could tell we were supposed to not pick the man just because he was a... 23 Replies
No, Its Never Been About Equal Rights the sad part is how long it has taked for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" to be applied.the pursuit of happiness... for each and every person to chose the person... 725 Replies
No, Its Never Been About Equal Rights Our president was referring to meaning religious people have, which vary quite a bit between religious people. The law is the law, and businesses have to comply with the law.... 725 Replies
TERFs vs. SCAMs If she is transgender gender, she is not a manmy husband is a nurse. That makes him a male in a female dominated profession. I can tell you discrimination works both ways 23 Replies
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