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Popular Questions Not necessarily. How about in winter?I don't think a serpent's stomach has anything to do with its mobility.[/quote]the idea of a gut feeling, food for thought. there is no... 537 Replies
Is Theism More Rational than Atheism? [/quote]"If one chooses to submit their thinking to God by becoming obedient and teachable, they are exercising their free will, not loosing it, right?"Kinda stuck in a circular... 91 Replies
Pro-Slavery Ohio Officer Quits When He’s Caught Wishing for All... Everyone knows if you want to be a cop, you can't go around spewing the racist and homophobic crap you believe. You need to keep that stuff quiet. This guy was obviously too... 5 Replies
The True Identity of Jesus: His message and religion His message was to fulfill the Law and the Prophets down to the letter...Why are you listening to "HIS WORD", Shibolet?YOu want to believe that HIS message was to confirm the... 150 Replies
Popular Questions What Is A Spiritual Body?I'm going to deliberately misquote 1Cor 15:44. Watch for the changes."It is sown a solid body; it is raised a spirit body. There is a solid body, and... 537 Replies
Ferguson Prosecutor: Some Witnesses Lied I assume it was to make good on his promise to present to the grand jury everything he had. A prosecutor doesn't need the permission of someone's attorney in order to call that... 17 Replies
Atonement Thanks to Masmenosdios for that link to an excellent article (even if the EJ is over a century old!) : )) 4 Replies
Dish Network Dumps Fox News (For Now) The net result of all those subscribers who leave Dish because they need FOX News is that the average IQ of the Dish network viewing audience just jumped up several points.But,... 10 Replies
Three Word Game STUPIDITY AMONG THOUSANDS 4741 Replies
Dish Network Dumps Fox News (For Now) I have little doubt that if the study were done on the widest spectrum...Readers of the Huffington Post and Move On would have IQ's at the lowest end possible 10 Replies
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