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Israeli Forces Shoot and Kill Jordanian Judge at Border Crossing Yup.(This fact you may not know) I have been discussing ME and other stuff with IDBC for the longest time.So I know very well IDBC knows the answers to his questions (As it has... 222 Replies
Is Feminism ruining American atheism? So highlighting the particular ways in which theism oppresses women's bodies, their sexuality, their dignity, denies them legal protections and removes their human autonomy... 4 Replies
Egyptian Court Sentences 528 Morsi Supporters to Death in 2-Day Trial OK. We just have to wait for those "Golden days" when everything wil be OK in Egypt. Let us wait and see.... 48 Replies
The state of women during the time of Judges Religious oppression of women continues today all over the world, in various forms.Monotheists who adhere to the Bible are perpetuating a moral outlook that condones rape and... 7 Replies
Chelsea Clinton Expecting a Baby Whose going to pay your social security if there are too few babies today?[/quote]>>>>>>> good question. 17 Replies
The most beautiful creation story ever You're conflating the two questions: how did we get here and how can our lives have meaning.Conflating those two ideas is PRECISELY the problem!One is an empirical account of... 2 Replies
The state of women during the time of Judges This belongs on a forum devoted to discussing feminism or Christianity. 7 Replies
Palestine Signs Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Torture Accords after... >>>>>>>>> Susha, I have taken a lot of time to answer you. If you have a point to make or question to ask, please do so.Unfortunately I cannot devote unlimited time into B-net... 88 Replies
Murderous design - the killing of women and children Okay, thanks, Kwinters.Also, in response to Upperlimits post Kwinters had said, the premise of the thread is that the flaws in a woman's reproduction system indicates... 60 Replies
Is Feminism ruining American atheism? As a reaction to the Anti-God Atheists I find it refreshing that some atheists are affirming humanist values rather than simply being against this that or the other thing like... 4 Replies
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