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Making Sense of 'Free' Will Some aspects, not specific areas if you mean something like specific sub disciplines. I think psychology can give us and seize hold of truths about reality. But (like every... 68 Replies
Making Sense of 'Free' Will He was able to do various things...he chooses one thing...God foresees what he chooses. To say "he'll never be able to do anything I didn't foresee" under this scenario is to... 68 Replies
If Christianity is truth... You read Ezekiel 18. It is all there.[/quote]No more. Leave yourself to the Shephard who judges what we can not fully see. (Ezekiel 34)But, do not, apart from CHRIST and... 107 Replies
obama Presser.....Well That's a Big DUH...! I think the Wingnuts are expatiating upset that God hasn't told the President to consult the Bible for the "last days" battles. 15 Replies
National Dog Appreciation Day Okay, let's see if this worked. This is Gertie. The Humane Society named her Gertrude and we kept it, but shortened it for our toddler. She has lab in her, but we don't know... 11 Replies
If Christianity is truth... You will not be talking. Jesus will. See Matt 25. 107 Replies
Revealed || Area 51 used to test Soviet jets loaned to U.S. by Israel Yes, besides the fact that BDBoy had taken it off topic months ago, and continues to do so in nauseating post after post after post after post....And I at least have reported it... 87 Replies
If Christianity is truth... You read Ezekiel 18. It is all there. 107 Replies
Nine Year Old Uzi Lesson Leaves Instructor Dead It is perfectly fine to blame the dead if they were at fault. The instructor is the one that was responsible for allowing a 9 year old to shoot an uzi.I feel for the child...the... 61 Replies
ISIS' Douglas McCain, Best Friend Troy Kastigar Both Waged Jihad Agreed. It's a catch-22 in that sense. The more that Europeans react to the minority extremists, the more they alienate the "moderates" and turn them into brothers of the... 23 Replies
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