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Is Equality Lacking in Abrahamic Religion? They could be doing it without being fed lies and the money goes to people who are feeding them lies. Religion is a business like any other. 100% of the money goes back into the... 55 Replies
Lawsuit filed against Dearborn Heights police for forcing woman to... Here is more to the story then the OP link has given:Malak Kazan of Dearborn Heights was pulled over by police in July on a traffic violation and then taken into custody on a... 18 Replies
Anti-Semitism in John [/quote] The Samaritans were Israelites, if they considered their father to be Jacob (Israel), then they are descendants of Israel. Biblical scholars doesn't even know where did... 16 Replies
way to go, anti-vaxxers... I see one high school is not allowing unimmunized kids back into class for 3 weeks after 4 students developed measles. I do hope this seriously discommodes their parents 27 Replies
Mormon Church Announces Support for Legal Protections for Gay People And, so, thus ...Whether they intended it or not, The LDS Elders have set in Motion a lengthy in-Depth Internal Conversation about the Rights and Needs of GLBT Persons,... 140 Replies
Krauthammer: Biggest Error US Could Make = Refusing to Recognize... Glad to hear itUnderstand. I am almost there, myself.I miss your posts!!!He posts as Whoretense, now (an error that cant be fixed) and doesn't post much anymore, either. 31 Replies
good night blue moons 5048 Replies
White House Chief of Staff on Islamic Terrorists: "Nobody Denies... BDboy, as we all know, there are many non-Muslim experts in Islam who post on these boards. Most of them, of course, cannot speak or even read Arabic, but nonetheless.....they... 76 Replies
Protesters vs McCain Looks like McCain is getting all Maverick agian and throwing out some protesters who inturupted a senate committee. Protesters call for the arrest of Kissinger and get... 0 Replies
Miracles Don't forget that John goes on (John 20:28-29):28 And Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”29 Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have... 5 Replies
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