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Yea! After Cecil the lion’s killing, Delta is banning big-game... United Airlines doens't allow such "trophies" on its flights, eitherBut UPS will:Fed Ex might:Meanwhile:Well, we all knew thatREF:... 2 Replies
The 237 occurrences of the Divine Name in the Christian Greek... Of course, you weren't there and you wouldn't have known what language He spoke and you wouldn't have known what He said. So, you really don't know at all. We do have God's... 182 Replies
Fulfilled prophecies - or not? Starving his people is sorta despotic, isn't it?[/quote]"Olivier Bernier in his 1984 biography argues that Louis was both popular and a leader in reforming France. In his... 63 Replies
Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood fails And many here whine incessantly about a "nanny government" and then want the government to control a woman's reproductive system.[/quote]+1Not just "control" it. We should... 8 Replies
Lawsuit: Officer handcuffed mentally disabled kids as punishment Two northern Kentucky women have sued a county sheriff and one of his school resource officers for placing their two disabled elementary school children in handcuffs.The... 0 Replies
U of Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Murder of Samuel DuBose How odd, from several points of view.Here, most special police forces are not armed. The only exception I can think of is railway police. As for armed security guards, that's... 3 Replies
The Logic of the Crucifixion I think we need to explore this deeper. Because to me a free choice means that I have real options to choose A or B (or C, etc.) and I am the ultimate reason the choice gets... 87 Replies
3 Major US Airlines Ban Shipment of Big Game Trophies It should be interesting how this plays out over time.Two predictions:1. Trophy animals will become much more of a status symbol than they are now, and interest in them should... 2 Replies
'I found atheism through Judaism' Being completely honest and vulnerable here, I have no fxcking problem saying that I am terrified of opening up to any Judaic, Christian or Islamic religion or tradition,... 2 Replies
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