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How does salvation in Judaism work? Common sense says that no god in its right mind would create a human race that it knew in advance would come to such a terrible end. However, common sense isn't always all that... 35 Replies
Recognizing the truth... I think everyone has their own version of truth and that truth matures as we grow spiritually. Jesus said …, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one... 6 Replies
New Book Hey! Mr Jordan is getting to be almost as adept at dodging issues as Newt is. At least Mr Jordan didn't tell us to start a new thread, which he would then ignore. 7 Replies
It's Time For An Israeli Withdrawal Timetable Actually, Israel does not claim borders, it's the only country as Abbas quite rightly said that doesn't have fixed borders when it comes to the West Bank.[/quote]KSai,You can't... 28 Replies
Adrian Peterson Child Abuser? Thank you for that shining example of nanny government.[/quote]So, you deny saying that if the government intervenes when you are hitting your kid, that's a nanny government.... 248 Replies
Should Christians go to psychologists? The original documents no longer exist. What we have available today are assumed copies of the originals. Whether the copies are verbatim duplicates of the originals is... 23 Replies
The Magna Carta of RT - Gal. 4:21-31 As I've said before, "false" is a rather fluid term when speaking of religion. Every religion considers all religions other than itself as false. It's rather idle and... 3 Replies
RFK Jr makes an azz of himself and pushes a woman around..... That is his natural voice. It is a congenital condition--it is raspy and often shakey and people with this disorder say it is often painful to speak.When I think of the name of... 9 Replies
Judge: Hobby Lobby Decision Means Polygamous Sect Member Can Refuse... Imagine that! The Federal Government is actually limite in its powers!The law, in this case, is the 1st Ammendment, one that is unpopular with the left. 3 Replies
Adrian Peterson Child Abuser? TEnac:post #169: "I would get rid of CPS before I would get rid of parents." 248 Replies
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