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The False Charge of Eliminationism and Genocide In the past week, many members have been posting colorful descriptors of Israel's actions. Some of the words and phrases which have come up:killing machineGaza genocide /... 0 Replies
Morality: Is God a Democrat or a Republican? Like military intelligence? There are no ultra concervative democrats. There used to be but not any more.[/quote] Well he's for big government, Being God he'd be the only... 28 Replies
Problems with the Trinity: What's the Difference? While there may be different ways of expressing the Trinity and some may disagree over the details of that ...i.e. the single or double procession of the Spirit), I don't think... 38 Replies
The Cambrian Explosion/Darwin's Dilemma or Doubt: A Game Changer? Well, I see it differently. But that's academic. My actual point is that insisting that evolution is directed or isn't directed may muddy rather than clarify the point, since... 24 Replies
'Gentle Giant' Dies After NYPD Cop Puts Him In Chokehold I watched the video...that did not look excessive to me...particularly considering the guy resisted arrest and especially considering the guy's size. Also, from the video that I... 96 Replies
California CHP Officer Beats Woman on Freeway Mod Note: moved from another thread.[/quote]Im curious about this tactic of yours . This exact post was originally made a few posts back . Yet you choose to delete that post... 301 Replies
good night blue moons 3171 Replies
Airlines Avoiding Israel's Ben Gurion Airport - For Now This is probably more related to the Malaysia Air downing than to anything specific to Israel-Hamas.Malaysia Air was criticized for flying over a war zone. Consequently, this... 6 Replies
California CHP Officer Beats Woman on Freeway The Guy who made the Video admits that he, "doesn't know what sparked the Beating" ...Neither do I ...So I still want to know what is in The Officer's Report ...Until we get... 301 Replies
Appeals Court Strikes Down Federal Exchange Subsidies for Obamacare Btw, how much is that Canadian corporate tax rate? 43 Replies
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