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?????????????? 23 Replies
Good Morning Everyone Good Morning, Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Day,Blessings 3966 Replies
??? this is hell 31 Replies
Do you ever really get over being cheated on? My husband and I have been married for 2 years. Two weeks ago we went out and a woman came up and hugged him, saying "i havent seen you since you got married". Normally I do not... 239 Replies
good night blue moons I just had a very long chat with Steven_guy in Adelaide. Who had posted his home phone # on the Origins of Life board. I have a VoIP (Internet) phone. Which makes calling say... 7832 Replies
The Front Desk We had fun in the mountanshugscaren 10914 Replies
The Ad Hominem Saloon 6844 Replies
CHANGE ANY 1 LETTER TO MAKE A NEW WORD Hi Callielou:What have you especially liked about knowing and playing games with me?There are some threads on various boards here discussing the closure.Spring warmth is... 6481 Replies
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