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?????????????? 23 Replies
Good Morning Everyone Good Morning, Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Day,Blessings 3966 Replies
??? this is hell 31 Replies
Do you ever really get over being cheated on? My husband and I have been married for 2 years. Two weeks ago we went out and a woman came up and hugged him, saying "i havent seen you since you got married". Normally I do not... 239 Replies
good night blue moons I just had a very long chat with Steven_guy in Adelaide. Who had posted his home phone # on the Origins of Life board. I have a VoIP (Internet) phone. Which makes calling say... 7832 Replies
The Front Desk We had fun in the mountanshugscaren 10914 Replies
CHANGE ANY 1 LETTER TO MAKE A NEW WORD Hi Callielou:What have you especially liked about knowing and playing games with me?There are some threads on various boards here discussing the closure.Spring warmth is... 6481 Replies
The Ad Hominem Saloon 6844 Replies
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