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Let Israel Finish This RabelloIf you actually wanted peace and if you actually gave a damn about the p[eople of Gaza (neither of which is a given) you would be calling for the demilitarization of Gaza... 355 Replies
No Allah Feel free to come ove to JD and discuss. There are differences. And it's more than a dime. Considerably more. [/quote]+1 There is a world of difference, although many a wag has... 110 Replies
Let Israel Finish This Almost all Muslim countries, European countries, even India and China. Compare the reaction to Tzuk Eitan vs. the slaughter going on in Syria. And let Kerry be insulted. He's... 355 Replies
No Allah It's common and, practically speaking, not a factor... most of the time. But sometimes it is used perniciously as justification for some of the very negative things we have been... 110 Replies
No Allah In a global sense, supercessionism is common.Because as a practical matter, when you come up with a new religion derived from an old one (or even a new sect of a religion), to... 110 Replies
Another Responsible Gun Owner Simple answer, the NRA should have sold the 17 year old a gun so she could shoot her shooter first. 20 Replies
Judge Argues for Return of Firing Squad Executions Dead.I think what we can agree is that any method of execution must be: Quick, painless and terminal. Ideally, it would also be cheap to administer. With that in mind:Hanging:... 11 Replies
Acetaminophen, Placebo Equal Treating Back Pain This study reminds me of Steve Martin's 'Placebo' routine on an early Saturnday Night Live years ago.The gist of his skit is that he urges everyone to go to their doctors and... 5 Replies
Weather Events A rare tornado roared through the seaside Massachusetts city of Rever with terrifying force yesterday, uprooting hundreds of trees, ripping roofs off houses, and spurring an... 17 Replies
Weather Events Lightning strike in Venice Beach, California. Extremely rare and thought to be the result of a thunderstorm brought into the area by monsoonal moisture coming from the... 17 Replies
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