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Hot Topic Zone The Hot Topic Zone is for current news with a link provided in the opening posts. It operates under slightly different Rules. Come check it out. 0 Replies
New threads on FAMILY & PARENTING A new thread on Family and Parenting - Everything will be ok. I love you.’ Parenting after Trayvon This article, ostensibly only for black parents, contains truisms for... 4 Replies
Science News & Issues ~ New Forum Calling all science nerds, novices, professionals and dilettantes … and, well, everybody! Check out Beliefnet’s new forum for discussion of scientific news,... 0 Replies
NEW THREADS ON US NEWS & POLITICS THE hot topic on USN&P Board right now -- feel free to weigh in with YOUR views or opinions:Zimmerman TrialYes ...The assigned Task of a Neighborhhod Watch Guy is NOT to... 2 Replies
Threads on the DISCUSS ATHEISM Board Threads in Forum: Discuss Atheism Thread Replies Views Last Post Please Welcome a New Host Started By: Beliefnet_community 3 84 6 days ago by Stardove... 0 Replies
Threads on the Spirituality & Spiritual Practices Board Threads in Forum: Spirituality & Spiritual Practices Thread Replies Views Last Post Welcome! Started By: Beliefnetsabee 8 1,199 1 year ago by Artahrens... 0 Replies
Discuss Civil vs. Passionate Dialogue Hi,Dialogue Contrasted With DiscussionDiscussion has the same roots as "concussion" and "percussion.” The Latin origin of discuss is “discutere” - to dash or... 1 Replies
New threads on FAMILY & PARENTING On the "Student Suspended for Saving Classmate's Life," jesusfreakgal posts: Maybe there isn't a problem (regarding the zero tolerence policy). But I think that when a policy... 4 Replies
New Age To Jesus Group Sure, here it is: 2 Replies
Threads on DISCUSS CHRISTIANITY Her are current threads on this board. Feel free to join in the discussion.Since God is silent or at least quite unclear, where does that leave things?[/quote]God has never,... 0 Replies
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