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Find Beliefnet Groups on Facebook Christianity News and Politics Middle East News and Politics Catholicism Baha’i Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses Mormonism Hinduism Buddhism Islam Judaism Atheism Paganism... 0 Replies
New Israel-Palestine Forum All are welcome to check out and join discussion on the new Israel and Palestine News & Politics forum, dedicated solely to Israeli-Palestinian issues and events.Note that these... 0 Replies
Hot Topic Zone The Hot Topic Zone is for current news with a link provided in the opening posts. It operates under slightly different Rules. Come check it out. 0 Replies
New threads on FAMILY & PARENTING A new thread on Family and Parenting - Everything will be ok. I love you.’ Parenting after Trayvon This article, ostensibly only for black parents, contains truisms for... 4 Replies
Science News & Issues ~ New Forum Calling all science nerds, novices, professionals and dilettantes … and, well, everybody! Check out Beliefnet’s new forum for discussion of scientific news,... 0 Replies
NEW THREADS ON US NEWS & POLITICS THE hot topic on USN&P Board right now -- feel free to weigh in with YOUR views or opinions:Zimmerman TrialYes ...The assigned Task of a Neighborhhod Watch Guy is NOT to... 2 Replies
Threads on the DISCUSS ATHEISM Board Threads in Forum: Discuss Atheism Thread Replies Views Last Post Please Welcome a New Host Started By: Beliefnet_community 3 84 6 days ago by Stardove... 0 Replies
Threads on the Spirituality & Spiritual Practices Board Threads in Forum: Spirituality & Spiritual Practices Thread Replies Views Last Post Welcome! Started By: Beliefnetsabee 8 1,199 1 year ago by Artahrens... 0 Replies
Discuss Civil vs. Passionate Dialogue Hi,Dialogue Contrasted With DiscussionDiscussion has the same roots as "concussion" and "percussion.” The Latin origin of discuss is “discutere” - to dash or... 1 Replies
New threads on FAMILY & PARENTING On the "Student Suspended for Saving Classmate's Life," jesusfreakgal posts: Maybe there isn't a problem (regarding the zero tolerence policy). But I think that when a policy... 4 Replies
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