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The Third Intifada Has Begun BDBoy,Using science to measure genetic properties of human beings to determine if they do or do not belong to a group is racist. History clearly shows the ties of the Jewish... 185 Replies
Will Non-Jews Soon Be Second-Class Citizens in Israel? BDBoy,The facts speak for themselves. Only one group is permitted to pray and worship and freely visit the Temple Mount. Only one. And only one group is preventing the other... 137 Replies
Israeli Minister Apologizes to Kerry Over Scorn for Peace Drive Iesraeli minister should seek apology from Israeli population for turning into a Religious fanatic Jewish state.............. 333 Replies
Israeli Foreign Minister Calls For The Beheading Of Non-Jews The Taleban project (CIA/MOSAD/Pakistan), Hamas project and ISIS project did not end the way the "Founders" imagined.Israel should be careful in future about helping fanatic... 73 Replies
Erdogan: Israel Must Apologise for State Terrorism Against Turkey Turkey is still hosting "Gaza flotilla event" to remember those who lost their lives.At the same time he is re-starting "Normalization" with Israel. 806 Replies
Jordan Asks UN to Outlaw Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount Israel and Jordan reached a primary deal to stop violence. I hope they continue to work as partners to find solutions to concerns of both Jews and Muslims. 302 Replies
Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews After good people from Jewish and non-Jewish population unitedly stood up to war monger Netanyahu for playing politics with Holocaust ( disrespecting the victims), he decided to... 78 Replies
BDS Activists Move From Targeting Israel to Targeting Jews BDS stands against brutal Israeli policies against native non-Jewish population.It is not only Arabs who are saying this, parts of Israeli leadership (Civilians and politicians)... 86 Replies
Will Non-Jews Soon Be Second-Class Citizens in Israel? Yep. Jews are second class citizens in their own country. Crazy. [/quote]>>>>>>>>> Twisting words is not the answer. As far as Al-Aqsa is concern. Here are some... 137 Replies
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