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Hijab Veil true according to the Islamic law prohibits harassment and other But the veil is contrary to Islamic law transparent narrow this does not prevent harassmentsomeone told... 17 Replies
Hijab What are the disadvantages of discarding Hijab?• Becoming an easy target of anti-social elements.• Causing great stresses, insecurity and suspicion... 17 Replies
Hijab Baseless objections against Hijab• Hijab seeks to imprison women: Those who feel that Hijab imprisons women should refrain from living in houses because it is... 17 Replies
Hijab someone told me Look at the glossy cover of any magazine or advertisements on TV and newspaper, you will find that most of these advertisements have scantily dressed women in... 17 Replies
Hijab Somehow we have been deluded into thinking that women exhibiting their beauty in front of others and men encouraging this is warranted. Many large corporations protect their... 17 Replies
New Israel-Palestine Forum All are welcome to check out and join discussion on the new Israel and Palestine News & Politics forum, dedicated solely to Israeli-Palestinian issues and events.Note that these... 0 Replies
Hijab Some clarification Veil Prevents bad ideas Hijab is an obligation and a necessity for every Hijab is a duty Allah Almighty prescribed for the Muslim woman, and she has to comply... 17 Replies
Hijab Birth:Now a month of Rabi 'al-Awwal and this month in Arab historyMessenger of Allah(Muhammad peace be upon him).was born in Mecca in the morning of Monday 09 Rabi Al Awwal That... 17 Replies
Hijab Why dont men wear viel:In Quran, before, it is suggested for the women to wear/veil them, it is ordered for the men to keep their eyes lower in order to protect them from the... 17 Replies
Hijab Many Christians do not know that in the Holy Quran Jesus is mentioned by name twenty-five times. For example:.. We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him... 17 Replies
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