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Panentheism Panentheism asserts that the whole is more than the sum of its parts so obviously strict atheism, which prides itself in measuring parts, cannot be open to the source of parts.... 29 Replies
What happens in these days? Going out to Mina on the day of TarwiahA pilgrim performing Hajj AlTamatt'u should intend Ihram, from the place where he is staying, on the 8th day of Thul-Hijjah, which is the... 5 Replies
What happens in these days? Tawaf: When a Muslim arrives to Makkah, he should make Tawaf around the Ka'bah, as a gesture of greeting A1Masjid Al-Haraam. This is done by circling the Ka'bah seven times in... 5 Replies
Panentheism Someone needs to learn how to resize images in their posts.I finally had time to get to it. 29 Replies
Does It Really Matter? Finally, someone puts into words what I've been thinking all along. While I have no advice or comments that can change what you are saying, I can say you are not alone. The... 20 Replies
Does It Really Matter? This was beautifully stated and probably captures the thoughts that keep me from signing on the dotted line on any faith. I have attended the Catholic Church, and gradually... 20 Replies
What happens in these days? The pilgrims begin arriving by air, sea, and land during the weeks prior to the pilgrimage period. They usually arrive into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the major port city nearest to... 5 Replies
Panentheism I understand Thoth Hermes. He was the last of the great healers before the Greeks got his teachings and picked them apart. So small groups of people went underground and passed... 29 Replies
Panentheism I didn't begin the thread Christine; I just contributed to it. It doesn't require a belief in a personal God to have respect for life. I wouldn't doubt Jesus taught the basic... 29 Replies
Panentheism I haven't talked to a Panentheist here so welcome. So you are a type of Christian. The thing is, you opened up a thread and I forget how I entered into a this discussion, but... 29 Replies
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