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Hijab Christmas and 25th of DecemberMany Christians are unaware that the true spirit of reverence which Muslims display towards Jesus and his mother Mary spring from the fountainhead... 14 Replies
Hijab USA has one of the highest rates of rape United States of America is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries of the world. It also has one of the highest rates of... 14 Replies
Hijab Capital punishment for the rapistsUnder the Islamic Shari’ah, a man convicted of having raped a woman, is given capital punishment. Many are astonished at this... 14 Replies
Hijab Hijaab prevents molestationThe reason why hijaab is prescribed for women is mentioned in the Qur’an in the following verse of Surah Al Ahzaab:“O Prophet! Tell thy... 14 Replies
Hijab Terms Islamic hijab?! :A: The Islamic hijab must meet the 8 conditions as the scholars said, are:1 - Not to be a garment of fame.2 - and that is not brazen thin (ie, should not... 14 Replies
Hijab The imposition of the veil to the rule of God and the secrets of great, and commendable virtues, and the goals and the interests of large, including:First: Remember Width: Veil... 14 Replies
The best ways to deal with ....... 23 Replies
The best ways to deal with ....... Muhammed Is Britain's Most Popular Boys NameAs exclusively reported by Breitbart London last week, Muhammed has been crowned Britain's most popular boys name in figures... 23 Replies
The best ways to deal with ....... There is no difference of opinion among the scholars concerning the fact that our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is superior to all of his... 23 Replies
The best ways to deal with ....... 13. The Orphan Boy Rasulullah (SallallahuAlaihiWasallam) was going to Eid Salah, while going to Eid Salah, All the Sahabah were walking and they were all saying the Takbeer.... 23 Replies
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