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Bullo vs Colbert How about writing in English instead of in your own private language?This board is about communication is it not?Then why not use language that everyone understands? If you... 6 Replies
Secret Service Chief, What Else, She Has to Go MOD NOTE: This thread is about the Secret Service issues that put our President at risk. That is it. Any posts that do not address the topic will be deleted. It is a violation... 52 Replies
Regardless, FOX Makes Historic Precedent I really don't like Greta all that much, I like Neil Cavuto and some of the morning shows. 51 Replies
Obama Puts Forward a Failed Strategy on ISIL I agree. It's been a pleasure. It's good to know that there is someone I disagree with who I can nevertheless have an intelligent and not too contentious exchange with. In a... 175 Replies
Searching For The Truth Here is an example of your poor thinking (which isn't reasoning since reasoning is a skill that relies on facts and a line of thought that is objective and verifiable). No one... 79 Replies
Justice Department Finds No Evidence NJ Gov. Christie Knew of... I just asked a question. It is my contention that if Christie didn't know what his staff was doing, he should have. This, in my opinion, makes him incompetent. The only... 13 Replies
CDC: First diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. Hmmmm ..... hope they contact the other poor smucks who were on the plane so they can be on guard about being infected.[/quote]It's not an airborned disease and he wasn't... 23 Replies
Bullo vs Colbert RE: Bullo -- a portmanteau word consisting of "bull," Bill, and the "O" from O'ReillyI may also refer at times to Brillo Riley, or Bull Orale (a Spanish word).EH, if you want to... 6 Replies
Cause of California Drought Linked to Climate Change Doesn't matter."So, they can't really prove that the current drought is caused by climate change, all they can do is fall back on this statistical mumbo-jumbo about chances and... 2 Replies
Fodaoson Would Like Your Moral Support What Star said.Take good care, and live every moment, including a lot more of them back here.J 12 Replies
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