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Let Israel Finish This Were the Nazis Germany's legitimate democratically elected government after they violently disbanded the Weimar democracy, got rid of the Reichstag and gave Hitler permanent... 371 Replies
8 reasons why Israel is under rocket attacks Dear friend Ibn,Indeed, the plight of the Palestinians needs to be both understood and helped to bring about a sustainable resolution to the conflict. You'd be surprised how... 9 Replies
Is Jesus' resurrection a metaphor? The knowledge of God and of all things man is able to learn.That's neither fair nor just. Knowledge must come to those who commit themselves to learn. For Jehovah to choose whom... 223 Replies
Happy Eid During Eid celebration for MuslimsDiffers from non-Muslim celebrationNot adultery - not drinking alcohol - not for committing sinsButFirst thanks to God through the Eid... 1 Replies
You're more biased than you think Yup, we all have a bias blind spot -- even you KWinter.Conservatives = hater?If you wish reasonable discussion from all side, then perhaps you ought to leave off with the... 1 Replies
Another Responsible Gun Owner I don't think it made any difference one way or the other, in this case.....[/quote]Not what I asked. The NRA, and others, claim that we are safer with more guns. So, how did... 29 Replies
2378 People Killed in Syria during Ramadan Really? Wow. Coulda fooled me. If they are "equally" vile regimes, then put your money where your mouth is, dude. Come out against Assad as much as you come out against Israel.... 8 Replies
Best atheistic argument nominees iama: Kwinters, I like JCarlin's question, "Where is Middle Earth."You did not answer JCarlin's question.[/quote]iama,The fact that you are echoing JC's comments should worry... 34 Replies
Hamas If I support Israeli policies I will have to support killing of all Palestinian people in Gaza, agree with more new Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and support policy of... 5 Replies
Best atheistic argument nominees Snide comment deleted. [/quote]' is not known where in the brain a particular component of a thought resides, hence even spatial conditions are indeterminate and one can... 34 Replies
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