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Amen Sister! With all the cr&p infecting the internet these days I'm not going to play a vid from an unknown source.Sorry.Want to say briefy what it's about? You posted it so it's probably... 2 Replies
Moved Threads The Amen Sister! thread has been moved to US News & Politics. 3716 Replies
Modern Technological Warfare -- An Improvement? Remote control warUS military to spend more than $2.4 billion on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in 2015How US drones are devastating YemenThe purpose of this thread is to... 0 Replies
Corrupt Clintons None of those questions addresses the issue but of course we expect righties here not to make any sense when it comes to defending one of their own. 22 Replies
Treat Chicago Gangs As Terrorists "Loose, irresponsible and vicious gossip. That's also disgusting.STF_ with your crap talk. Wanna buy a vowel?" Makes no sense. Must be a bottle talking. 77 Replies
Genesis 5:29: So why did Jehovah punish the descendants of Adam? and which is referring to the curse that Jehovah put on the ground to punish Adam in Genesis 3:17.Okay, so why did Jehovah punish the descendants of Adam with the curse of the... 6 Replies
Skin-Cleansing Microbeads Found to Harm Marine Life The other thing we're seeing/hearing about is, for example, women who have cosmetic surgery done - or want to have it done - so that their Facebook pictures look hot. That's... 6 Replies
Alternatives to Atheism Atheism itself is already a sufficient philosophical position (albeit on one narrow topic), is has NO NEED to seek an alternative. Perhaps atheism should be sought as an... 37 Replies
Chatroom Linked to Hate Crimes You are a little early pointing that out. We need to have the elections first, then next year when this story gets replayed again at trial it will be discovered that Whitney... 2 Replies
Palestine Signs Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Torture Accords after... And the Israeli war against, and occupation of, it's neighbor has created those refugees. You mentioned, ad nauseum, Israeli self determination, Israeli right of return. Why do... 77 Replies
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