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Defending Intelligent Design Thank you for including such a thought provoking submission. At times I think I am wasting my time beating my head against a wall, but then you put forward a startling post... 813 Replies
Nearly Two Hours to Die That's one of the very few things that the French can say they succeeded at.Well, their wines too.But perhaps we should go back to the days of the Guillotine and install them.... 24 Replies
Pentecostalism oneness theology and the false modes of God. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2014)The UPCI emerged from the Pentecostal Movement, which traces its origins to the teachings of Charles Parham in... 8 Replies
Why do Spirit-led Bible readers have different interpretations of... I understand the sentiment, but I disagree with you.For example, a guy who calls himself Christian might claim that Jesus is not God, and then proceed to build a great Biblical... 6 Replies
Are You A Child Of God? What are the STEPS in becoming a "child of God"? 30 Replies
Hamas & Human Shields Foreign Journalists Acknowledge Hamas’ Human Shields in a number of foreign media reports from Gaza are... 481 Replies
Those who reject Acts 2:38 also reject John 3:16 I meant to say its a grammatical mistake Father Son and Holy Ghost technically arent names. But I dont have an issue with l a few Independant Baptist and Southern Baptist... 23 Replies
Defending Intelligent Design Perhaps you could give me a lesson in English here. Where you use "too" and then "to" seems to be wrong to me. I know this is a minor point but I am accused of not knowing... 813 Replies
Are You A Child Of God? [/quote]I skip the fear confident you will cover it. Jesus said absolutely nothing at the last judgment scene about faith in Jesus' works.---nothing whatsoever.[/quote]Jesus... 30 Replies
Exclusive: Obama sends team to Texas to assess need for National... So that's how Obama is so good at multitasking? He finds other people to deal with any critical foreign issues. 23 Replies
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