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ISIS Bombs Shiite Mosque in Kuwait City Aren't we talking about KUWAIT in this thread?[/quote]with isis in the thread seems we're talking about an isis event in kuwait, and, its effect on... 18 Replies
Fictional charectors a-z Raggedy Ann and Andy 202 Replies
A question for a Jew and one for a Christian I have linked an article from Science Daily on that study that rocket put up.In a nutshell, the study concludes that, as we age, we have less compassion for victims, but we are... 150 Replies
Here's One For Donald Trump.... What does the Left do when Donald Trump is right? Lately Trump has been slamming Obama's Immigration Policy and doing it in no uncertain terms. He's even speaking of the... 0 Replies
What is marriage? I think some of my conservative evangelical friends are missing the point I'm trying to make here. It appear many of you would like to publicly exclude gays from marrying based... 135 Replies
good night blue moons 6998 Replies
Angels and or Faeries 2278 Replies
Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Legal Across the US Fair enough; let it be done. The law is there to ensure the rights of the people.It shouldn't be made to simplify bureaucracy or ease jurisprudence. (That's one of the most... 125 Replies
What is marriage? EXACTLY! It works the same way here in the states. When someone wants to be married, they must apply for a state or county license. Generally a fee is involved and the marriage... 135 Replies
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