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Becoming Christ's Disbelieving Follower Or should we cross spiritual swords ('word of God") in a separate thread? We have done that before. I am fully armed. Are you?Matthew 5 (NASB)...Jesus' Sermon on the Mount to... 28 Replies
Another Reason Baltimore Is a Failure to Its Citizens Well, that's one man's opinion and the very belief that makes you a conservative.I don't think there are enough wealthy white people to be able to "take back" the innercities.... 25 Replies
Vatican to Recognize Palestinian Statehood Mountainman, you wrote:"The Palestinians were in possession of it until some outsiders, from Europe, came and took it by force." The historical record does not show that the... 59 Replies
Soft dinosaur tissue You read what you want to see and disregard the rest.... 23 Replies
Becoming Christ's Believing Follower And, there you go, adding to scripture again, albeit parenthetically, reading in to it what is NOT there.i have one question for you; answer honestly:Did Christ say "Hear, O... 122 Replies
Angels and or Faeries 1880 Replies
Names of Famous People Don KnottsK 5546 Replies
War Is a Racket I find this dscusssion wothwhile, but would like 2 take it, if only temporarily, in another direction.As a teacher of the young, I find it gratifying 2 be abe to quote former... 60 Replies
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