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No one is able....means no one. God does not give up saints. Going for a lost sheep does not mean God gave up the sheep.Jesus lays down his life for the sheep does not mean God gave away His Son. You are... 190 Replies
Ben Carson: Prisons prove being gay is a choice What you described is not sex, but rape. As it is with any rape, it's not about sex but about dominance. I disagree. He's the stuff that comes out of the backside of a pandering... 45 Replies
Absolute Truth? The false teachers in the Vatican, like those in Colosse, substituted philosophy for Christianity, not by denying the latter, but by attempting to explain it. This carnal... 3 Replies
US Ambassador to South Korea Attacked Just keep in mind that the Korean war is not over and we still have over 29,000 US service members stationed there. Some South Koreans see us as imperial occupiers and are... 1 Replies
"God Hates Adultery" per Westboro Baptist Church What is it that you think is generating all these religion-based threads and posts, anyway? [/quote]Well .. I'd say it is Islamic Terrorists Groups.What is wrong with defining... 159 Replies
How do you know the Bible is inerrant? No scripture says what you are claiming.[/quote]'S WORD® Translation He immediately began to spread the word in their synagogues that Jesus was... 508 Replies
Who is The God of JESUS Christ? God is something! ;)Some have described God as an energy. Energy has substance. If God is light, God has substance. 23 Replies
Angels and or Faeries 417 Replies
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