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Identity of the Beast The RCC's claims to that mantle are no more nor less laughable than those of any other human organization, including the Watchtower Society's. For all have sinned and fall... 40 Replies
Moved Threads Do Svidanyia, McDonald's Moscow has been moved to World News & Politics. 208 Replies
good night blue moons 3417 Replies
Court Rules Tennessee's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Constitutional And rightly it shouldn't because we have never been talking about "biblical marriage." The subject of discussion has always been civil marriage and nothing more.And the US is... 320 Replies
This would Explain Alot Of course it isWhat do you favor? Carpet bombing the people of Syria or sending other people's loved ones back "over there" to invade and then occupy the people of Syria? 11 Replies
Identity of the Beast So, out of whimsy, I decided to google "ISIS 666".I should not have been surprised at what turned up. Stuff like:They call themselves the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" or... 40 Replies
Identity of the Beast On the contrary (if you will forgive me) what is laughable is the notion that God would leave his people to flounder for 1800 years until (various) groups of Americans... 40 Replies
They're Not "Militants," They're Terrorists Quoting from the link you posted:There are Islamists and there are moderate Muslims. In our public parlance, the latter are the "good" and "reasonable" Muslims. But in a world... 15 Replies
This would Explain Alot Obama's problem is that he's not willing to follow his predecessor's practice of "ready, fire, aim!"This president is thoughtful in his approach to decision-making, particularly... 11 Replies
Worshipping God and not a man How does your 12 Step program direct you in starting a relationship with GOD? 45 Replies
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