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Ferguson: Protesting Violence with Violence I wouldn't say violence doesn't accomplish anything. During Vietnam, the threat of violence drove LBJ from office & resulted in the elevation of Noxin + the Big Backlash, whose... 55 Replies
Hell And Armchair Popes and Theologians The thing is if CHRISTIANITY were but a "religious experience" common to all the other forms of organized religions which profess outwardly before the eyes of men how and who... 60 Replies
Another Transitional Fossil Hey 57, if you're really interested in self organization of organic molecules, here's a book you can buy. Maybe this will help you to not ask so many stupid chemistry questions... 58 Replies
Self Realization Fundamentalists love to slam the self-realization thing, but they fail to get that it's nothing more than the Holy Spirit remaking you in God's image.Different terminology, same... 23 Replies
Names of Famous People Sean HannityH 4899 Replies
Witness #40 I read the writings of "Witness #40" and, I'm sorry, no one talks/writes like that. It's just too smarmy. 17 Replies
Cows! They're Coming! I can get you some of those Moon Pies. All you want. That dude runs around on these country roads every week. I give him milk for Moon Pies. It's a great arrangement.Be careful,... 1468 Replies
Scott Walker: Denying Health Care To Low-Income People Helps Them... ROTFLMFAO! Your ego will not allow anything to sink in. 47 Replies
Hell And Armchair Popes and Theologians Heaven is sometimes depicted as the peak of a tall mountain. All around the periphery of the mountain are roads leading towards the top. Only one will take you there. All the... 60 Replies
The Affordable Care Act and Market Forces That's not the reason. WE need to be protected from the dead beats that want others to pay for their medical care. Those are the ones that have no medical savings accounts and... 24 Replies
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