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Hell Houses Live chick-tract show. Thats what a hell house is. Salvation by contract, "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?" Its all rule by fear, an entire army... 11 Replies
Common Ground Frankly, if you don't care to understand, you are never going to understand. 105 Replies
Please Welcome a New Host! Can we hope there will be less conservative bias than is shown on USN&P? 7 Replies
Major Crisis of Regret Must have been one hell of a cake! 193 Replies
Facts of Black Crime for the Past 50 Years - That Liberals Chose to... Word games...let's play some."Blacks view each other as prey."Not 'some blacks'...not 'troubled black youths in poor areas'...just "Blacks".Weee...this is a fun game![/quote]But... 62 Replies
More Good News: Utah Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Gay Adoptions AS goes Utah, so goes the nation. 2 Replies
OFF-TOPIC: Mom died....... Oh Leah. So sorry to hear. There is something especially hard and difficult about losing a mom, I would imagine. It sounds like there is a sense of peace about it. I know... 4 Replies
Democrat Senator with Loaded Gun at Ferguson Protest So we're to report racist posts and they will be deleted?That's great!!Thanks.That will change the tone of the board quite a lot for the better. 35 Replies
Questions God is not Love. You can say that God loves but it makes no sense to say that God is Love.[/quote]Love as noun in Oxford English Dictionary:(1) an intense feeling of deep... 110 Replies
Linguibabble 237 Replies
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