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6-year-old Palestinian was shot with his brother's gun; parents... "6-year-old Palestinian shot in stomach; IDF: Child was playing with brother's gun, parents invented story of settler attack to protect older son, a police officer."And how we... 2 Replies
Why is this Palestinian rioter wearing a Miri Regev t-shirt? "Why is this Palestinian rioter wearing a Miri Regev t-shirt?"Good PR for Israel.Was it staged. 2 Replies
The Advantage of Christ's Priesthood There are chapters in Romans against this line of reasoning.Romans 6 15What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? May it never be! 16Do you not know... 9 Replies
Israeli Foreign Minister Calls For The Beheading Of Non-Jews Kindredsai,When I was in graduate school I worked with a lot of polling data. One of the things that we were taught was to be very careful with structuring questions so as to be... 64 Replies
The Third Intifada Has Begun "There need not be a single person hurt or killed on the Temple Mount or in Jerusalem. All that has to happen is for the Muslims to stop the violence. When that happens there... 53 Replies
Despite Obama's Claims, U.S. Enforcement of Arms Embargo on Iran... "Netanyahu is figuring out how to live with an agreement which puts Israel in mortal danger."Mortal danger, give us a break.The only people in mortal danger are Palestianians... 10 Replies
closing arguments Ironhold (at #11):Lots of people use quirky, fallacious logic. Like "If 'the moon were made of green cheese' then 'my argument would hold.'"! 11 Replies
5th Grader With a 12-Gauge? Girl 8 Killed by Boy 11 Children know you can just push RESET when things go wrong. Adults? Well ...... [/quote]Why talk about the child who was killed by an 11 year old when hunting is so... 97 Replies
The Private Seller Background Check Myth Busted This is how some folks beat a Background Check and how to Buy Guns Illegally and how to Blame the Legal non-Licensed Private Seller for it. Another part of the Grand Illusion... 0 Replies
Show me in scripture we are born with a sin nature & Love it, I absolutely LOVE it. 213 Replies
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