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Why Israel Lies I'll agree with that one, although it only happens sometimes.Like when America goes to fight a "war to defend democracy" and years later causes the downfall of the... 75 Replies
Your Story/Path/Journey Sorry. It linked to a reference where Jesus clearly states if you don't hate your family, you can't be His disciple. :PAnd yet Jesus and this one guy talk about how it's... 80 Replies
The Palestinian Authority is Guilty of Anti-Semitism at... Hey, חכם בלילה he quoted them in his original post. 7 Replies
Bible Translations I don't remember where I might have said something like that, but I think I would have said said that he spoke Aramaic and read the scriptures in their original Hebrew. They... 29 Replies
Brain repair: designed or evolved Well it seems as if Kwinters has gotten her butt spanked on her wasted egg question...and now she wants more.[/quote]lol, you posting an impotent response and then running away... 12 Replies
Brain repair: designed or evolved Given that mitocondrial DNA was sequenced from the remains of this 13,000 year old girl found in a Mexican underwater cavern, maybe the YECs will take the time to demonstrate... 12 Replies
Brain repair: designed or evolved YECs would say that parasites were CAUSED by the Fall. IOW, Adam's sin somehow turned innocent microorganisms into parasites.As for the brain repair thing, yeah, that sucks for... 12 Replies
A False Gnostic Gospels. My post is very clear and it was a response to Masmenosdios, not you, which is also very clear, as is Ezekiel 18 which you chose to reject by saying he is not saying anything... 81 Replies
ID question. Why? Okay, the expected obscuring hand wave that skirts the facts.The question is not about the 10 or 20 ovum that matures in a given cycle; it's the 300,000 that are left behind.... 22 Replies
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