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Heritage Foundation Urges GOP to Fund Vigilante Border Groups if... "The Heritage Fundation" ... ???Aren't they the same Ideological Socialist Wackos who originally proposed "Romney Care" and "O'Bama Care" ... ???I'm just sayin' ... 8 Replies
natural selection Is Jeff Lindsay a more degreed quack than Mr Hal Lindsey? [/quote]Or Hugh Nibley who said the Toltec City of Teotihuacán in Mexico was built by the Nephites? 196 Replies
What Normal Muslims Think - And Europe Fails to Understand Is this canonical or apocryphal? 8 Replies
Re-Tire-Ment My sweetie-spouse (also a Clergy) retired officially on Sunday ...The Boat has left the Dock, and we're on it ... together ... 8 Replies
S P I R I T U S SEASON That is the most complete study of the varied history of the Swastika that I have seen! So let's go on a giant mystery tour:"Inside the world's biggest... 559 Replies
Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton 'will be the next president' And don't forget, your side is running out of enough stupid, brain dead, thoughtless people who will vote against her "just because she is a woman". They are dying off like... 5 Replies
Laughable 'reasoning' Most of history is what someone wrote down. Paul records an ancient Christian saying in Corinthians that most scholars believe was written within 10 years of Jesus' resurrection... 761 Replies
Where Is This Coming From? Hello ... ???So ...Lesson # 1B: Do Not Resist Arrest ... (If you do so, it likely may turn out very badly for YOU ...)Lesson # 1A, of course: Obey The Law... 37 Replies
Dark Night of the Soul! I think what the poem is expressing is how he found enlightenment. " in secret places where no other spied" refers to the heart I think, "Except the heart that lit me from... 157 Replies
Thousands Turn Out For NY Rally Over Chokehold Death LOL ...Earlier on, you were trying very, very hard (for Reasons of your own) to associate "Blackness" with some Kind of inherent Criminality ...Now, it's East Coast Chinese... 29 Replies
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