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    Mayans Scholars got it wrong

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 2:10 AM [General]

    Mayan scholars wrong
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    Submitted by GlowingIdols on Tue, 05/10/2011 - 1:10am  | 
    • Pure Poem
    • Truth Love An Faith In The Almighty God
    Earthquakes, fires, snow storms, Tornadoes,Floods,
    Look in revelations,
    We are in the end of days,
    I know many lied on tv,
    but they said I didn't look like Doll of Mary,
    Lied anyways.
    This is a Spiritual Path,
    To bring home the Almighty God,
    Many prayers needed to stop evil out there,
    Making Mayan predictions come truer.
    And sooner..
    If you believe in The Almighty God,
    Or people who have faith in God,
    Now is the time to pray.
    Much I have studied thru the years,
    Was studying Mayan scholars results,
    But Hadee's is lose,
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    Star of Bablyon is recalling me Back to Christian/Catholic Faith

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 2:20 PM [General]

    The Star of Bablyon is recalling me back to Christian/Catholic Faith according to a Priest I talked to I told him I am on a Pahtway with Angels will go visit them as I know many things already, talking to muslim faith didnt help except I connected Spiritually with them all, due to threats took them off my facebook, I am at full circle on my Spiritual PAth, I am to bring Jesus home in year 2054 with another which isnt Muslim Faith.

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    Spitirtual Path GlowingIdols 10

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 12:09 AM [General]

    Have come full circle as towho I am, I was Eve in past life, Islam has refused me I still am Christian Muslim seek Christianity for help in this matter as jeus is my God now

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    If Islam dont except me due to age

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 10:07 AM [General]

    If not excepted by Islam ViewEdit Poem If not excepted by Islam has been updated. Submitted by GlowingIdols on Tue, 11/16/2010 - 10:54am |

     Lifetime repeatsUrban Poem.

    If not excepted by Islam,

    All will automatically repeat this life again,

    Until they do so, So how many more will we repeat?

    This is 4th time for me, I have a Golden star, About thy town, How many lifetimes must I repeat, Or others?

     You will have deja vu moments in some contries that is bad, Not my fault Islam the Religion's choice.

    Will go to Catholic church for santuary, Till my actual death.

     So how many lifetimes do we repeat?

     Before you listen to me?

    Also 2 very angry Gods will cause chaos, Cause i completed some not all, Still have Golden star over head.

     If they don't except me cause of age, there suffering is 51 times worse then mine

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    Related to both Holy Qurans

    Monday, November 15, 2010, 2:16 PM [General]

    2 Qurans I am of both ViewEdit Poem 2 Qurans I am of both has been updated. Submitted by GlowingIdols on Mon, 11/15/2010 - 1:28pm | an Love of FaithFaith Love Spiritual Belief's in Allah/JesusLove Poem.

    Wife of one Quran Mother of other, Choices are hard when asked to choose,

     I cannot whomever comes down. Whether Allah or Jesus.

     I am related to both, as I am Eve, Past life of long ago.

     To choose i cannot, They are are part of me now.

     Searched all thy life for my religion, Can't let go, know where I belong, Up to Islam now, an the Pope.

     As a Mother an wife of those above me.

     Makes life down here harder, When expected to choose one cannot, Thy heart would break, Just know.

     Reason I called wheels of Karma hinduism,

     But they saved me, how does one tell them, I am related to them both, I cannot choose, for I love them both. One of Allah, One of Jesus, I am wife an mother, To both Qurans

    . 2 Qurans I am of Both

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    Pure Evil

    Monday, November 15, 2010, 6:28 AM [General]

    Pure Evil

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    • Poem Pure Evil has been created.

    I met pure evil,
    Not something I like,
    Most of Islam our religion is safe,
    Some are not.

    The more I connect, the more I learn.
    The more I wish I didn't, but I have,
    May this protect those that aren't evil,
    And may it bind evil from hurting them.

    May it protect those who aren't evil,
    Met it yesterday, spooked me, refused to go back online.
    I do not like evil, scares me more then I can say,
    May this bind it from hurting anyone,
    May it protect all those I love.

    For many I do as I know who I once was,
    I am Eve the begining of the end in Islam.

    Pure Evil html_removed html_removed html_removed

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    Many don't want Judgement year to come

    Saturday, November 13, 2010, 10:22 PM [General]

    Many dont want Judgement year ViewEdit •User GlowingIdols earned 25 points Total now is 1300 points. •Poem Many dont want Judgement year has been created. Submitted by GlowingIdols on Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:16pm | Faith Love Spiritual Belief's in Allah/JesusUrban Poem.Many don't want Judgement year, Why pray then, be like the rest, And not care then. You will repeat this life again, an again, Nothing new except deja vu, which in some religions is bad for you. That is your wish I hope your happy with it, That isn't mine, so I sit out next time. They know now for they heard you, If peoms come truer its your wish not mine, Deal with them, I just write what they wish. Don't like who I bring in wasnt your choice, Wan't mine but I was chosen, Can not change the path the clock is ticking, I am Eve the beginning the end is in Islam, For I am Muslima. God, Allah, an Jesus heard you, now its time for them to show you, May they be merciful to you, for not wanting this day, To come but I am polite compared to them. Your fight is with them not I, I do as I am asked, An write it in poetry format. For as long as I shall live, I will write for them, For i know who I am an once was, Not many wish to re live this life again. Spiritual Blessings to all. For many dont want Judgement year at all...

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    Spiritual Path of GlowingIdols 9

    Saturday, November 13, 2010, 11:00 AM [General]

    I was asked when old enough to understand would I die for him he is most loved I said yes, but there has to be another one as well for Almighty God to come in, that is Spiritual Death.

    I connected with relgion as was told I would, I am related to Thy Prophet Muhammad, reason I am Christian Muslima, read many Bibles out there since childhood, still reading Holy Quran, not same format.

    When spmeone hates me its like aa knife thru thy heart, had to write peom to keep evil away, ended up as Miss Messiah then cause noone wanted to help bring Jesus in I cast wheels, saw star above my home move with my health dropping, the lower it got my death was closer its hindu, but Muslim faith saved me why if thou isnt worthy to any of you.

    I was chosen an star at night sits above thy home in America the year 2054 is Judgement year day his choosing when pure love pure heart become one then we die he appear an it would be Jesus unless muslim faith changes law.

    Then it would be Allah, as too many use Jesus so much for wrong reasons, he isnt a joke this is real, I am the last to come before Almighty One comes, already being persecuted in my own state, by fake spiritual therapists, have to do this alone, as I did in begining, cause to many religions dont get it. I am the beginning an start of the end, always taught to love all forgive all read many reading muslim now it was spiritual connection, now where does someone like me belong chosen within the womb, asked if i would die for him as he is most loved said yes twice.

    Cannot lie on this path.

    when i spoke wheels a star moved down now I know which one it is, as they saved me, I see same star again this is real I shall not repent for I am chosen one an know what I am suppose to do, what religion am I for thought it was muslim since spiritual connection maybe Christian read so many bibles already including was Catholic as child went thru catkism however you spell it at an early age.

    Stop telling me to repent I pray often, maybe you should fast see how that feels,

    who do I belong to if one must forgive all, love all?

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    Spiritual Path of GlowingIdols8

    Saturday, November 13, 2010, 10:22 AM [General]

    I don't like spiritual connections, can feel hate its painful, maybe cause I am Christian/Muslim its someone of christian faith I am suppose to connect to, since I am learning Muslim but know Christian already, just know since Islam wont change that law where God Almight judges all, means Jesus is most loved but so many sinned over same things think its a joke now, its not I know judgement year The people with Holy Quran say its 2935 not quite its less, not 2012 either 2054 with missiles all over the place itchy fingers make 2935 seem impossible, an 3000 is as asteriod comes better then the one in Mecca.

    Was taught to love all forgive all, was Eve in Beginning, where do I belong?

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    Spiritual Path of GlowingIdols7

    Monday, November 1, 2010, 5:06 PM [General]

    Was told by Jesus during sleep to visit Catholic church for blessings, was told they were busy so i walked around the church an visited each statue an lit a candle for them, an prayed, saw 2 priests go on by went to ask if i could speak to one, was told no they are in a meeting, asked when they be done she didn't know an they also perform exerocism not sure if spelled right, never thought Muslim Faith was bad to need that, I left. I await there call again, last time I called was a month ago where is the belief in ones on a Spiritual Path that actually connected, an it effect thy life in many ways cannot vote in my own country.

    May the wheels of karma spin again if I don't make the dead line as Angels are on this path to recite to Islam, whether it be Allah or God both names mean the same, just different languages is all, I will not be able to do what I was taught, as I am dying due to doctors not listening, an when they do its to late again,

    May doctors who arent honest with there patients learn what it feels like, as I know my hair is falling out, but they say nothing wrong, I am in tune with thy body I know better they may lie here in America but lie no more for everyone who dies of neglect due to there care, may they feel the pain of it instead.

    May people in churches here understand when one is on a Spiritual Path do not impeed there tasks cause I know many things  like I am Miss messiah due to 31 peoms coming truer all written thru thy heart. My clothes are not white couldn't get a blessing they were to busy, may they learn not to be, an listen instead of saying convert you an exercism.

    Spiritual Miss Messiah GlowingIdols



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