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    short but a fascinating story

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 10:45 PM [General]

    i read in a book a short story.


      once in a village,an old man was sitting under the tree when a man approached him.

    the man asked the old man,"how are the people in this village?"

    the old man asked him why was he asking this question.what was the matter with him.

    the man said,"i am planning to shift in this village as the people in my village were really uncooperative,mean and depressing."

    after giving it a thought,the old man told him that the people in this village were equally uncooperative,mean and depressing and that he should reconsider his move on shifting here.

    the man left the village.

    next day another man approached the old man under the same tree.

    the man asked the old man same question as the previous man asked.

    on being asked why by the old man,   the man said,"the people in my village were really cool,well cultured and extremely united and cooperative.the only reason that i have to move here is because i am a professor in the government school and i am transferred in this village. "

    the old man said that the people in this village were extremely cool an well cultured and helpful and that he should move in this village as soon as he could.

    conclusion- the world appears to you not the way it is but the way you view it.

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    Sunday, June 21, 2009, 6:37 PM [General]


    one good thing happening in my life is that i am back in touch with my school friends.met them on a social website after almost seven feels great to realize that my old friends are making a mark in their chosen walk of life.i am still to meet all of them but for us this is a mental and spiritual reunion.

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