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    Gardening for Health and Home

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    If you enjoy gardening, house plants, yard work, composting, container gardening, growing and working with herbs or even watching the birds who visit your property, this group is for you.
    Ask questions, start discussions about things you are curious about and just generally talk here. Discussions about growing all things green; herbs, potted plants, vegetables and flowers are welcome. Share your favorite tips.
    Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb. Not one of us was born with one and truth be told I've never met anybody who had one.
    If you are just looking to learn ask your questions here and someone will share what works for them.
    Since I am no longer working for Beliefnet I will not be looking after this group. If anyone would like to take care of it please do.
    Happy Gardening All!

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    re: compost NOT heating up??? Hope I've gotten here correctly and NOT started a new topic!! Have you considered using horse manure, that will heat it up like yesterday. If you keep turning it, the smell is minimal, if you've ever been around Horses, then (at least I don't) ya know it's not a really stinky smell to begin with. Of course, this method, horse manuare, does require about 2 years to complete. It must be completely broken down Anyway, come on honey, compost is supposed to smell, a bit; but once it starts breaking down that goes away!! I've even seen indoor composters, small, so how bad can it really be and YES, your vegie scraps are vital, also!!!! Good Luck and Happy Landings, Rebecca from Tucson, AZ

    January 14, 2010
    10:18 AM
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