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    Monday, May 25, 2009, 3:03 AM [General]

    I was raised by a very strict Southern Baptist father and an Agnostic mother.  My father's stifling, oppressive style of worship made me very uncomfortable, and I also didn't have a very clear understanding of a lot of teachings beyond a general fear.  I was never baptized in the Southern Baptist church.   

    I found what felt like a conflict with my being gay and what I perceived were most church positions on this.  I thought that churches taught that Jesus hated gays, which is incorrect.  But as such, I set out on a spiritual journey that did NOT include a branch of Christianity. 

    After much deliberation, I decided to convert to Judaism, and I eventually did convert to Reform Judaism.  After years of practicing Judaism, though, I found myself feeling spiritually empty.  And quite often enough, I'd find myself pondering Jesus.  I had rejected him for so long because my father told me that he would speak to me to be saved, but I never heard his call.  I believe I'm hearing his call now. 

    My journey has led me here.  I have questions over which choice would be better--the Catholic or Episcopalian church?  See, even though I am gay, I am also socially conservative.  My views are very much in line with that of the Catholic church, both politically and spiritually.  My issue, though, is that I want to have a family and I want to be very involved with church life (send children to the school affiliated with the church, etc.). I'm afraid that I will find exclusion in the Catholic church, such as not letting the child of a gay parent attend school, or not admitting a non-traditional family to the parish.  The EC is very inclusive, but I don't like how liberal they tend to be in other respects. 

    Any advice or words of encouragement or reflection would be greatly appreciated, though if you are messaging me to condemn homosexuality I ask that you please be civil and respectful that we are both children of God. 

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