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Trauma PTSD Reubon, You are more than welcome... I hope life is treating you well and your schooling is doin well also. keep in touch when you can your friend Ida 13 Replies
Lets write ! Hi engrid, and ruebon This site has been abanded seems like but i still hold on to hope. any time feel free to e-mail me and let me know how e1 is. much luv Ida 21 Replies
Happy Easter Had a lovely Easter Day . Visited our daughter . Son in Seoul celebrated alone . His wife is Buddhist . They had a celebration of new moon a while ago . At thses celebrations... 6 Replies
Lets write ! Oh thats a very good topic writin some people feel more confortable of writin than in talkin not me i can do both but sometime its easy to sayit in writin, sometimes i feel... 21 Replies
Happy Easter Happy easter to all, i hope you enjoy the splendid day today, i went to the church it feels good that at least once in a while i go to church... 6 Replies
Trauma PTSD I received your message. Thank you. 13 Replies
Lets write ! I know. I have not been on this site for ages. It seems to have died. So have a happy Asian New Years and a happy No Ruz. 21 Replies
Trauma PTSD Reuben, I want to send my deepest sympathy for your loss. Also i am very sorry its 2 months later when i read this. I sure hope things are getting better for you and the stress... 13 Replies
Lets write ! Hi Reubon, Good to see you, Sorry for not bein here but seems like we have been abanded around here. myself i am holding in there alot of things have gone on these last few... 21 Replies
Trauma PTSD Currently I am fighting a severe depression. The cause of this is because an old friend of mine died this morning because of alcoholism. 13 Replies
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