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    This is a beliefnet group for people whose spiritual journeys have been blissfully informed, interwoven, and lightened by the inspiration and companionship of the Grateful Dead and the enormous Grateful Dead community. If you are nourished by and grateful to Jerry and the boys for all they gave and continue to give, and seek the spiritual support and friendship of people who share that connection, then sign on and say "Hey Now!"

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    Hey, if anyone didn't know, has a massive collection of live Dead. To the right of the search bar you can scroll down through categories. Pick Audio - Grateful Dead. There's enough from '77-'78 alone to keep your bones shakin'!

    April 11, 2009
    12:50 PM
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    Hey, welcome friends pre-existing and new! This group grew as a result of the new bnet system, which is great. Let's start talking! I've neglected this group, but would like to see it come to life, because I think the Grateful Dead culture is soooo needed in the world today! More love, more music, more dancing, and more community! I've been trying to get the picture of Jerry scuba diving with the sea turtle back on as the group photo but the system isn't working. Anyone want to introduce themselves? Peace and celebration, Ty

    Ty Clement
    March 4, 2009
    9:23 PM
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