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    They say there are no coincidences. Below I copy/pasted my blog from myspace about FRESH AIR and how I quit smoking: Saturday, January 17, 2009 How I Quit Smoking Through Using Universal, Natural Laws Current mood: imaginative Category: MySpace It's been nearly three years now since I've had a cigarette -- and with no desire to smoke. There was a seemingly small, yet powerful trick to the feat that I understood only after the fact. With so many previous attempts at cessation through white knuckling on a platform of positive thinking concerning my health, I came to realize I couldn't succeed while thinking about quitting. The very idea had me focusing on cigarettes. My desire to stop smoking was strong, but it just wouldn't happen as long as I fought against it. So what was I supposed to think? What did I really want? I wanted fresh air. We've been told that we attract what we think about, so do you get what I'm saying here? I couldn't drop the habit until I stopped thinking about smoking or not smoking. I didn't quit cigarettes. I quit resisting them. Previous attempts failed because I developed a tug-o-war resistance to the urge -- a tension that holds things in place. Then I changed my way of thinking and was spurred to take brisk walks in natural settings. The woods and beach walks activated new feelings about fresh air and brought joy to every breath. I loved every inhalation of sweet fresh air while knowing it's benefit to every cell of my body. There was a law of polarity in motion here. In the duality of smoke vs. smokelessness, I depolarized my thinking and shifted to the fresh air pole. My belief is that as universal beings we are electromagnetic by nature. Universal Law was at work in me energetically according to my thinking. As co-creators we can learn to use these neutral laws via our intention to attract what we want into our lives. We do this constantly as individuals and collectively either consciously or unconsciously-- in big ways and in little ways. War and peace don't just happen out of nothing. They are based in some way upon the thinking processes of individuals. The smoking cessation trick is real and did work for me, but the point is that it helped instigate within me an entire new outlook on why we see and feel things the way we do. In my new book, "The Narrow Gate: A Journey Through Identity, Belief and Perception"...I wrote about all life as a part of one pure energy. As I continued to write, I grew more aware of my connection to something greater -- a core-identity, which I was beginning to discover. The axiom, "Know thyself", begins to make sense simply by its statement amid a process of reidentification. But the truth was that I couldn't know myself at such deep levels pertaining to Creation. I could only use a deductive approach that brought me to knowing what I am not. As far as smoking goes, I acknowledged that I did it for about 35 years. Through a change in what I identified with starting beneath the surface level, I was able to say good riddance to what became no longer necessary.

    May 31, 2009
    1:48 AM
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    April 24, 2009
    2:27 PM
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