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    Had Surgery

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 4:47 PM [General]

     Last Friday, I had a grapefruit size cyst removed from the anterior portion of my brain. I am thankful the surgery went well. They were anticipating some bleeding due to the blood pressure being so high. So far so good.I am taking it slow so I don't cause any problems.

    I found my sister in laws phone number. I am not sure if calling her is a good idea  ll around arunning since her exhusband is my brother and we don't  get along or talk. I will have a gut feeling whether or  not it is the right thing to do. I know she will know how to get in touch with my girls whom I have not spoken to in about a year.

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    Sunday Update

    Sunday, May 17, 2009, 5:59 PM [General]

    Another week has come to an end. It was beautiful here this week. Summer days are here in Florida. I don't remember when it last rained here. Everything is so dry and brush fires are everywhere.

    In the beginning of the week there was another shuttle liftoff. It is a spectacular sight to see.

    Bella is growing so fast. It is hard to believe this is the same puppy the vet wanted  to put to sleep. She is so active, runs all over the apartment, loves to play and she barked for the first time today! It sounded so cute.

    I had the cyst removed from the anterior portion of my brain on Friday. It does hurt. My eyes tear all the time. I am still waiting to find out the results of the fluid analysis. I have no appetite at all. Just thirsty and tired. Very tired.

    Hope you all are doing well


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    Happy Mother's Day

    Sunday, May 10, 2009, 9:19 PM [General]

    I hope you all had a nice day with your family or friends.

    I have 3 children , never forget them , their birthdays and so forth and so and so on. But it is after 9 pm here and I have yet to have a phone call from anyone other than my friends.

    My husband bought me flowers, a new wedding ring setand a bracelet. I was very apprecitive for his gifts and thoughtfulness.

    I spoke to my mother in law and she was going out to dinner with her friends which I was thankful for.

    So I spent the day with my dogs who are just the best. All in all it was a nice quiet day.

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    My Husband :)

    Friday, May 8, 2009, 12:34 AM [General]

    Well, today my husband was hired as a parttime chef at a local hotel. This is in addition to his fulltime job, going to college and he will be starting chemo soon. On the 19th we will find out when he starts the chemo. Thru all this he keeps his spirit up. He felt he had to get a parttime job due to child support taking all but 100 dollars of his pay every two weeks. He felt he wasn't being a good husband due to the huge amt of support that is taken out of his pay. I really don't want him to wor k more than he has to, but I can understand working 90 hrs every two weeks and getting nothing on the check. But we have a strong faith and everything works out.

    Today when he was near home he called and asked me to meet him outside. So I went out and sat in the yard waiting for him. He surprised me with a bouquet of fresh flowers. I love sunflowers  and that is what he bought me and red/white carnations. I was surprised.

    Despite the problems we have had over the years I love him very much. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my husband.         :):) 

                           our wedding picture

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    upcomimg Surgery

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 3:00 AM [General]

    Hi everyone,

    Well, next Friday I am having a cyst removed that is located outside the brain. I am so thankful the skull doen't have to be involved and neither does the inside of my brain. In order to get to the cyst the dr has to break my nose. I am a little scared not about the surgery but about the after effects. I have 2 diseases that interfer with the healing process and that has me a little concerned. Also, my husband is off the day of the surgery but has to go to work the next day, so I am going to be alone with 2 dogs and a puppy to take care of. I know my eyes and face is going to be grossly swollen and my eyes will be swoillen shut, so I a, praying my neighbors who I am very close to will be able to help me out at least with my dogs.



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    Seeking friends

    Monday, April 27, 2009, 8:22 PM [General]

    Hi everyone,

    I am fairly new to the site and would like to meet people and strike up friendships and interesting chats.

    Hobbies: seashell collecting, reading, poetry, going for walks. talking on the phone, spending quiet time with my husband and visiting with family and friends.

    Children: I have 3 children a son 33 yrs old, 2 daughters ages 31 and 28. I do not see my daughters nor do I talk to them. That sounds a bit cold and here is the reason why. Since I have moved to this particular part of Florida I have lost contact with them. They both have moved and they did not leave a forwarding address or give anyone their new phone numbers. We see my son about twice a year and we are always on the phone. I have tried all types of computer searches, called the police in the town they lived in and no one has any information about their whereabouts. Doesn't mean I am going to quit looking for them!

    Married: My husband and I met about 7 yrs ago in a little town in NY. Funny how things happen when you aren't looking for a relationship.At the time I met him I had sworn off relationships and just was content to be a lone. So anyway, my best friend and I went out for lunch and for some reason I told her I just had to go into the store across the street because I was going to meet my future husband there. Now, she knows me quite well and knew I had a horribly abusive relationship for 7 yrs and I just didn't want  in a relationship again. SO she thoughgt this was odd for me to say. We went into the grocery store across from the restaurant   and  met my husband! Within a year he had moved from New York to Pa, I became extremely ill from black mold and had to move to a warmer climate. So we moved to Florida in 2005 and got married in Novemeber 2008. I am very happy and enjoy being married.

    Pets: I was a boxer breeder when I lived in PA. So I always had a lot of dogs. I love the breed and enjoyed being a breeder very much. Now I have 1 male boxer and 1 female pit bull who is 1 yr old and they had a puppy who is 4 weeks old. Now I never really wanted a pit bull due to all the negative press. Sophie is my little red nose pit. She is beautiful, loving, loyal and so much fun. Having her has really changed my opinion about pit bulls. It is the owners who either make or break a pet. I believe violence begets violence and love begets love. My dogs are so spoiled and I can't wait to spoil my new puppy!

    Religion: I am a Catholic. I love my religion but I don't like the preaching for money from the pulpit. I watch Joel Osteen weekly, have read his books and really listen and hear what he has to say. God has blessed my life in many ways. I was injured on my job about 10 yrs ago and was in a wheelchair for 5 years. The doctors didn't hold much hope I would ever walk again. Many prayers and with the help of my husband I now walk and drive. I use a cane when I feel weak or have a problem with my legs. Now I turn all my problems over to God and he always answers my prayers.

    Time to walk my dogs! HAve a nice night!


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    Living on the Space Coast

    Thursday, April 16, 2009, 6:27 PM [General]

    Living in this part of Florida has been great. There is a lot of things to do if you don't care for shopping malls! We go fishing which is great here if you like that. Red snappers are the rage here as is shrimping. I never saw shrimping before and I found it interesting. People come hours before sunset to claim a spot on the bridge or the pier, drop lights which are either generator/battery operated, then they sit for hours and hours waiting for the fish to run. Some nights the shrimpers only get a few shrimps and other nights they get lucky and get quite a bit. It all depends on the water temperature and currents. And patience.

    There is a wildlife reserve nearby. The birds there are beautiful and some remind me of prehistoric birds. Right now there are bald eagles nesting. Those are so beautiful.

    I just love it here. I have finally found a place to relax and be happy

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