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    Finding the Good within

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    Lately I've been pondering what makes a good person. I've had my goodness attacked many times over the years by people who were upset that I would not do as they expected me to. It often made me wonder, was I really a bad person? I try to be fair, but I'm not always "nice". I am blunt in telling the truth. If asked for my opinion, most times I will give it. If I come across someone who does not like my presentation, they proceed to tell me that I am not a "good person". But I have murdered no one, I do not steal, I do not lie. I do not seek to manipulate or take advantage of my fellow man. I give of what I have when I can...yet I still come across those people who say I'm no good.
    Why is this? I want to explore. Will you join me? Have you experienced this?

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    the only thing i could say is that, you can never please everyone..let them think what they wanted to think and say..afterall, it's not them who will judge you.

    April 16, 2010
    2:52 PM
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