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    Fibromyalgia Sufferers Unite!

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    This group is dedicated to supporting other 'fibromites' everywhere that just need some place to gather together to share stories, and strategies that work, or not. Although I suffer from fibromyalgia, I believe it is NOT a death sentence. Do NOT lay down for this disease!

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    Hey folks; I sure would appreciate a letter from any of my fellow members! I would like to chat, and possibly become friends! Thanks, Tiger_mom

    September 19, 2009
    3:29 AM
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    Hello to everyone, I am a new member. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, last October. I'm currently taking lyrica,cymbalta, and tramadol. I'm curious about the new drug savella, is anyone here taking it, and what was your experience with it? What supplements do you take, and what gives you more energy?

    August 21, 2009
    3:27 PM
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    Hello, this is tiger_mom. I am just getting started here, but have had fibro for 25 yrs. I also have full body osteoarthritis, as well as osteoporosis. I feel pretty much all alone, and wouled so appreciate being considered for your group!! Thanks, tiger_mom

    August 5, 2009
    11:29 AM
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    Hello every one, I'm Glowangel Is it ok for me to come to your Group. I dont have the Fibro. but I do have The Neuropathy. no cure for it , and it is very painful I cant drive any more now. I guess I could in a emergency but, my feet dont feel the break and gass thin, I would not be able to forgive myself if I had a reck and hurt some one.Some one asked about LYRICA It is the only thing that helps me. Yes I had swelling at first, but now its not as much. Thank God.Is there any one that knows about Neroupathy. It affects the nerves in feet and leggs firsr then it can spread to arms and hands, Its hard to explain the pain. But even the skin is touchy. Well enough from me God Bless you each and every one. Glowangel

    July 17, 2009
    12:12 AM
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