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    tolerance & patience are not weaknesses
    Spiritual Mood: Longing
    Status: worried about Mom's health

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  • I am so torn, once again...about my mother being in California, she called me Friday, saying it a just been a few day since she talked ... more
  • I didn't write that letter I planned earlier, I shifted into "mother mode" to help my youngest son begin to understand a little bit of ... more
  • This entry today is acknowledgement of end of my "seasonal friend". It has been a couple of weeks since the delivery of my letters, my ... more

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    Welcome to Beliefnet. Enjoy the site. There are lots of places to explore. There are two sides to Beliefnet. Articles, blogs and many other things are at the Home side, tab at top in the blue banner will take you to the homepage. The community side has the forums and groups. From the Homepage, click on the Community tab to get to the community side. The Home in the tan banner take you to the Community homepage. Peace Love Stardove

    August 4, 2009
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