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    Actually that was me jgl57 and not teilhard that made the "sand box" comment.

    October 23, 2010
    12:16 PM
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    Hey Faustus5 ...... I left the name of the book I quoted on your Dennett thread, but wanted to add just a further note. You've probably heard of the writer, P.D. Ouspensky, but maybe not who could be considered the actual author, Gurdjieff. Ouspensky wrote a number of books, but they belong to separate categories (two of his own creation being A New Model of the Universe and Tertium Organum). But In Search of the Miraculous is the report of ideas and his relationship with G.I. Gurdjieff over about a ten year period, thus Gurdjieff is essentially the author, excepting some introductory material in the beginning (and the reason you can't judge Gurdjieff by Ouspensky's other personal works). (btw, Gurdjieff wrote 4 books himself). ........ I can't judge if you would be interested in reading further In Search of the Miraculous (but I can see you thoroughly entertained at least by the title of Gurdjieff's primary book). But if you should find In Search of in a library, you might want to browse it in light of the Dennett quotes..... Oh, one other thing, Gurdjieff introduced the enneagram to the world, which has since become a sort of pop-cultural icon apart from Gurdjieff's use of it. ...... sdp .... & btw, always enjoy your posts & our exchanges.....

    January 2, 2009
    3:35 AM
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    December 11, 2007
    1:17 PM
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