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    it's always nice i think to have BD's acknowledged on the actual anniversary. hope you have delightful discoveries this day, as BD's tend to open 'the portals' in my view. thank you for joining the group. if you like it, but desire more 'serious' exploration, let me know.

    January 29, 2009
    2:56 PM
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    i know it's a tad early, but saw the announcement and decided to jump in and be the first! woo hoo! i re-read your 'about me' section and got very excited - i hope you still mean all that - it's priceless! i mean it! i hope you will join us at Being Ourself group and share your thoughts. i'll send an invite. Have a wonderful birthday, my very dear friend. (remember me? i used to be the colorful, rainbow fractal spiral)

    January 28, 2009
    2:48 AM
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    Thank you for the invite. I am happy to include you in my circle of Beliefnet friends. Peace Love Stardove

    October 28, 2008
    11:46 AM
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