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    Spiritual Mood: Blessed
    Status: Watching my niece
    Faith: Agnostic

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  • So I got my computer back, and when I go home tonight I'm going to hook it back up...What else??? I start school on the 16th of March ... more
  • I just made a post in group about being a burden on people...Sometimes I really feel like my depression sucks not only the life out of ... more
  • Somehow my computer caught some kind of virus and now it's dead! It's only been like a week but I miss Bnet and group so much. I'm ... more

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    Fair5ypix--It is me--silentpain, Do you remember? I was on for a short while about a year ago, then lost access to a computer. I have never forgotten you, and would like to renew our friendship!!!!! Hoping to hear from you soon, Alice Jean Flack Tiger_mom

    August 17, 2009
    5:24 AM
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    Christian Glitter by

    February 6, 2009
    12:33 AM
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    February 2, 2009
    5:11 PM
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