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    I found out that there is no group about faeries, but so many about angels, so I decided to create one so that they are mentioned too, as they too help us SO SO much.....

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    I have to say that while I do believe God has created many varied types of Beings , not all of them chose to remain with Him, and many work for satan as well. I was blessed in that in 2008, I asked the Lord to allow me to see a "Nature Guardian" that works for HIM, and He opened my eyes one morning where I had a face to face encounter. Even after that beautiful experience, I still took my eyes off of Jesus and began obsessing over everything faery to the point where I was inviting a lot of demonic entities into my home without realizing it. Many demons can masquerade as faeries and the only way one would know the difference is if they had the gift of discernment and connected with the Holy Spirit. If you refuse that connection with Christ, then you are going to be open to all sorts of deception the dark side will sweet talk you into. A Christian sister of mine who was baptized by the Holy Spirit gave me a message directly from Jesus regarding my "nature guardian" encounter. He said that while I am to be grateful for that experience that He permitted me in love, I need to keep moving along with Him and not get stuck in obsessing over faeries, angels, other people, etc. I need to keep my eyes on Him. It is sooo easy to make an idol out of anything, including past experiences. Through this sister, He also answered my question regarding rocks, trees and nature. He said that we shouldn't "humanize" trees and plants, etc. We should love and take care of all His Creation, but not elevate them into something they are not, nor worship them.

    September 22, 2014
    7:24 AM
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    I have not found any place in the Bible anything about faeries?? Angels - Yes - God sends them when we need help.Watch over children (Matt 18:10)Angels came to Mary & Joseph to announce Jesus' coming and telling them where to go to be safe.In Rev. 5:11 - the Angels worshipped around the throne.But we are NOT to worship Angels - this is putting them above God - Col. 2:16-19 - There are also dark angels - satans helpers - I would not think of worshipping either angels - But when I need helps I certainly will call on the Father to send an angel to protect me. Exalting faeries or angels is an abomination to the Lord. Be careful - who you worship - we are to worship ONLY the LIVING GOD OUR FATHER - THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND HE IS A JEALOUS GOD. See Deut. 6:13-15. Dont mean to offend anyone but any type of fantasy goes under witchcraft - an abomination to the Father. Have God blessed weekend - May the Father reveal to you His word on this issue. GOD BLESS!!

    July 9, 2010
    6:58 PM
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    I have always believed in Angels and Faeries ... in the Majick all around us. This does not clash with my faith in God ... simply because I believe ALL things come from Him, and just as He sent His angels to watch over us .. so too I believe did He bless this world with the Majick of Faes. They are the 'spirits' of this wonderful place He created for us ... called Earth. My work reflects those I've seen ... or 'felt' the existence of. Just believe in the Majick

    July 7, 2010
    8:16 AM
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    i really like to see or encounter a fairy..and i hope, they would appear just what we picture them out to be..

    April 26, 2010
    11:27 PM
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