Why Muslims should support Ethiopianism.org , Inshallah

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 5:58 PM [General]

    Why Muslims should support Ethiopianism.org , Inshallah


    It is fair to argue that those individuals that adhere

    to the Torah, the Gospels, or the Quran, are in fact all
    considered Muslims in eyes of God.
     However, this is not the topic of this letter. The
    topic is the letter is about the effort of
    Ethiopianism.org and the word inshallah.
     The website Ethiopianism.org, the official website
    for the Ethiopianism Online Revival, is also the sole
    owner and host of the website inshallah.org .
     There should be little need to explain the meaning and
    the significance of this word.
    But to reiterate, ... lets begin by saying that the word
    Inshallah is Arabic, and Islamic in nature, and
    means "God Willing".
    It is safe to say that this word is regularly said
    daily by the world's 1.6 billion Muslims.
    Some individuals might casually say Inshallah in
    preparation, for example:
       "I shall travel to Ethiopia next year, Inshallah'.
    Other individuals have a tendency to say it almost
    habitually after every sentence, for example:
             "I'll call you back, Inshallah."
     One way or another, when balanced out, Inshallah is
    likely voiced and heard a billion times a day, everyday.
      Wishful thinking, but if Ethiopianism.org acquired
    a penny every time Inshallah was said, based on this
    previously assumed calculation .... Ethiopianism.org
    would receive ten million dollars a day. That would
    be $3.65 billion dollars a year .
       Of course, this is not about a monetary gain .
     This is about the blessing of God--Allah--and His
    special plan for Ethiopianism.org in this age of
    cyber technology and the global spread of the
    Divine Message and will of Ethiopia's purpose on
     Some people will wonder?
    Why has this been the case? Why did Allah give
    Ethiopianism.org the sole rights to inshallah.org and
    not to anyone else?
    Was this a mere Coincidence or Divine Selection?
     It was not as if inshallah.org was acquired early
    on during the dot.com name grab. In fact, it was
    obtained much later, if not late!
     It was neither purchased from a domain wholesaler at
    an inflated rate, nor obtained through cyber squatting.
      This website was registered legally through ICANN.
    So Why did Ethiopianism.org manage to succeed in
    getting this website when other Islamic community
    organizations, millions there are, managed to overlook
    such a valuable word?
     Let us not forget that Ethiopia did play a very crucial
    role in the development of Islam. Ethiopia is often
    considered the site of the first Hijjrah, and
    Islam has co-existed in Ethiopia in peace throughout
    history. The Prophet, PBUH, told his followers to leave
    the Ethiopians in peace.
     Its no surprise, thus, that one of the most associated
    words in Islam has found itself being used to promote
    Ethiopia ...
    For a small rising endeavour that Ethiopianism.org
    represents, this could be considered a major sign of
    Divine Providence.
    How Ethiopianism.org came into its possession can be
    as puzzling and mysterious as Ethiopia and Ethiopianism
     Anyone that has awed the spectacular wonder that
    represents Ethiopia and Ethiopianism, and has taken time
    to learn about the esoteric and mystic nature of
    of those two proper nouns...one can only reflect that
    this acquisition is more than mere luck, timing, or
      It works hand in hand with the other domains
    Ethiopianism.org has acquired, specifically
     All these websites were obtained for the sole
    purpose to inspire religious seekers worldwide to
    look to Ethiopia for spiritual inspiration and purpose.
     Ethiopianism.org as an endeavour and organization
    is still evolving, learning, and preparing....
      For those that believe in the greater plan and
    future prophecy of Ethiopia and Ethiopianism, and
    believe in its cause, and still wonder for an
    explanation as to why Ethiopianism.org managed to
    acquired inshallah.org---the reason is simple: Inshallah.
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    Dogging the Blog

    Monday, June 28, 2010, 12:50 PM [General]

     Clearly I am not the blogging journal writing type of individual....

     Currently I am attempting to train myself for create a blog . 

     Its Monday -  There's that feeling of anxiety before work ---

     Two days off was great but I definitely need to ask for some vacation time.



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    Monday, June 28, 2010, 12:46 PM [General]

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    Monday, June 28, 2010, 12:44 PM [General]

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    Its the weekend

    Saturday, June 26, 2010, 12:23 PM [General]

     fact: This weekend is much better than last weekend.

      It appears every time i write something i earn point. 

     The system should be designed to take away points for every spelling mistake.

    This picture of the Fox Threatre downtown Detroit .

    See Comerica Park in the reflection of the window?




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    That girl is on my mind all the time!!

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 12:07 PM [General]

     I think someone gave me some love potion moments before we had that conversation that changed everything ...because for whatever reason, I cannot take her out of my mind. 

     Maybe I just fall in love easily.

      I know i do. 

     I want to apologize to her for all the times I abandoned all those young ladies that told me they loved me.  Now I reached that point I crave one of those young ladies again... But here's the thing... those type of young ladies were in their early twenties. I am now in my mid 30s, and when young ladies in their 30s come along...they are very skeptical and not the same it seems.  They think more mature ... Something has definitely changed.  

     I have a feel I better not write to much cause I might not be able to delete these posts when that time is required.


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    What a Day

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 12:02 PM [General]

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    Talk is Cheap!

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 10:46 AM [General]

     Today's Topic: Talk is Cheap.

     As a subscriber of various Ethiopian Political Liberation organizations, its entertaining how so many of these folk love to write about how everyone needs to work together; take risks, and use their diversity to their advantage---and do whatever it takes to restore the glory of their ancient nation and the proper noun Ethiopianism --- by using Internet Technologies to their advantage.

     So one would think that my endeavor would be exactly what they need.  Some agree but others will yell, "beware of wolves in sheep clothing ... "

    Lol.  It makes me laugh .


      Here's a the lyrics from the song "Forget About Ethiopia",  by a Canadian band called Forgotten Rebels.  Wont' find this on youtube but there's a sample available on Amazon. Album is called The Pride and Disgrace.


    I saw you on the TV screen
    Profiteers run the Ethiopia scene
    Ask boy George and Duran Duran
    big cash money puts hits in their hands

    Now you don't want to talk to me
    Now you don't want to look like me
    See me or be like me
    Well read between the lines
    when I say...

    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    the whole things a bloody failure

    Send money here and send money there
    our livid country makes starve it's ware
    why do we ignore our own poor?
    With rich rock stars {celebrity wars}

    Now you don't want to talk to me
    and don't want to be like me
    read between the lines and you might see
    why I feel this way
    when I say...

    forget about ethiopia
    forget about ethiopia
    forget about ethiopia
    big political scam

    TV Christians gone to hell
    You've got your cash lined padded cell
    Now you've got something else to do
    Now you've found someone hungry to screw

    And you don't want to talk to me
    Look like me or be like me
    Read between the lines you'll understand me
    Why I feel this way when I say...

    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    The whole bloody thing is a scam

    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    Forget about ethiopia
    Big political failure

    Oh feel sorry for me, send me money


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    poetic mischief

    Saturday, June 19, 2010, 11:16 AM [General]



    Someone named lynn email me this to my personalied email account.


         twenty summers ago i had stood;

         thou dost smile. with rudeness to offend her.



    . Somewhat an odd? 




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    Saturday Sabbath

    Saturday, June 19, 2010, 11:10 AM [General]

     its saturday my day off !

    the work week ended badly.  its time I take a week of vacation. 

     Cannot really afford to take any time off.

    I really need to go to washington d.c. for a week .

    that is always the goal. 

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