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    Ethel, I am SO glad you have become a member of my group and I know you'll be a wonderful one. Blessings D

    August 9, 2008
    7:27 PM
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    Hoping all is well for You and Yours and wishing you the best week to come! Peace and Love>>April

    July 28, 2008
    5:32 AM
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    I just wanted to tell you that I liked your page. I invited you to a group called "Being Ourself" because I thought a "spiritual straddler" like yourself might find the idea interesting and maybe inspireing. It is about the fact that we are all part of one thing interacting with itself, like fingers on a hand we can never be seperate from's a new group and therefore pretty open to interpretation and is very open-minded to all...after all we're all part of it. Take care and hope to see you there!

    emerging butterfly
    June 23, 2008
    12:57 PM
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    I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your comments on my thread, it's good to know that there is a positive possibility to my situation. It's good to see that sometimes what you hope for can work out. I'm happy for you that your situation did. -Blessings

    May 1, 2008
    10:28 AM
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    Welcome to Bnet!The disscusion area can get heated towards us Christians You'll probably have to make a decission on weather or not it's good for a growing Christian or not at some time or another.If you like music I sujest you visit Social chat/ Bnet Village / lyrical game

    April 1, 2008
    3:58 PM
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