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    Holy vs Holier Than Thou

    Monday, October 11, 2010, 1:28 AM [General]

      Some years ago, a friend was discussing the way so many in this country have chosen to blend good and evil and come up with a morality that is neither. He brought up the homogenization of milk, where, instead of the cream being separate, you had a 'little bit of cream in every drop of milk'. With all the things we have since learned about fat, we now know this is not the best thing for us--but hey, it SOUNDS great, doesn't it? As far as many people's reasoning is concerned, that's all that's needed: if it sounds or looks great, it must BE great.

    Unfortunately, with the homogenization of philosophy and religion in this country, you run into one of these self-appointed 'experts on nothing' on every corner. People never stop to think anything through: all they care about is whether it would make a good sound bite. And that has spread to every facet of life--it's made the art of true conversation almost impossible.

    The funny thing is, this homogenization has come in under the guise of acceptance, inclusion and tolerance. But in talking to its converts, you find them the most intolerant and holier-than-thou bunch of verbal illiterates imaginable. For instance: when someone is sharing a problem, does it take a nuclear science degree to figure out that attempting to diminish that problem--and thus the person himself--is just a form of showing off at another's expense? And why do we tolerate this behavior from the intolerant tolerant--even reward it by not telling them outright to shut up?

    A small example to follow. This conversation was one I had elsewhere. I found myself better able than usual to express the reasons why this guy's presumption showed him to be an ass rather than the tolerant guru he evidently saw himself--and certainly was trying to paint himself--as. My responses are in blue.



    What is so different about Texas? I've lived in 22 states and 3 countries. I've witnessed what you described in all those locations. That is HUMAN behavior. I've also witnessed great acts of kindness and charity everywhere I've lived. That is also human behavior.

    Really? You've seen people act like subtarded throwbacks to the Hatfields and McCoys EVERYWHERE you've lived? You must be a real killer to bring that out in people EVERYWHERE. As it happens, I've lived in many different states, but have only ever seen this kind of meanness in two--but Texas took the prize by a mile.

    Yes, Texas is one of the states I've lived in. No, I don't live there any longer and given a choice, will never live there again. But, that's because I didn't care for the climate, not that Texans are any more evil than anyone else.

    Not for YOU at least, huh? LOL.

    I've noticed another tendency in people. When they have a bad experience with, oh, say one Texan, they tend to stereotype ALL Texans. It's a function of "tribal mentality" we tend not to check in ourselves.

    And I've noticed that if you give narrow-minded people one concept, they will always try to use it in ways it was never intended for, nor workable in: such as generalizing that concept to the entire world. Or are you one of those 'broadminded' types who would have been as at home in Nazi Germany as anywhere else?

    Before you open your mouth on a subject, maybe you should spend 30 seconds actually THINKING about it, instead of just spouting off whatever you can to be most contrary to the subject at hand--this DOES explain why one might find all people equally nasty everywhere they go though. They'd rather assume and start blabbering, than listen and think? New concept, I'm sure.

    We would all do well to remember that we all live in glass houses.


    The thing about a true hypocrite: Only those who never even try to live their lives by any kind of standard assume that no one else ever does--or should. But we HAVE shown that this part of your comment is true of YOU, haven't we? You showed up to throw stones and broke out your own window, huh? Feel free to clean up the mess of half-baked ideas and fully broken windows on your way out, eh?

    Have a nice night.



    The condescending attitude this person displayed while asserting his platitudes as if they were unchallengeable fact is but one aspect (admittedly a huge one) of what makes these folks so completely insufferable to be around. They are wrong on every level of human experience and common sense, but under the waving flag of their high-sounding platitudes, feel and don't hesitate to declare themselves to be infallibly right.

    They're the new Inquisition, not only not hesitating to show up anyplace uninvited, but primed and ready to thrust their vapid DOH!-pinions down the throats of everyone around them, wielding word-whips as they will. The fact is that there are, and always have been, places where an ideology of evil takes root, and, for whatever inexcusable reasons, is embraced by the populace of that region.

    We have myriad historical examples of that, Nazi Germany only being one of the recent--and we can add to that the recent the ideologies of Stalin, Idi Amin and the Khmer Rouge, among many others. Students of archeology know that Rome, with its barbaric arenas and other practices was only one of the better known examples among the ancient world's litany of abuses of all human rights--down to such unspeakable acts as the literal frying to death of live infants.

    The imposition of opinion by such people as the goober above is done with the attitude of superior knowledge, and therefore, superior truth--both in understanding and application. The fact is, when you quiz these unevolved primates, you find out how little they actually know--about anything.

    There is one thing their kind of ignorant philosophy is good for, however: allowing such abuses of others' rights to continue. What is such shoddy defense of the inexcusable meant to do, after all, but to bitch slap those exposing that abuse into shutting up?

    What a pathetic little thug.

    They are a walking cautionary tale regarding the folly of learning just enough to keep oneself from really learning anything well.


    Further note: A further post by this person shows the real lack of any depth thses holier-than-thou types have--and their total ignorance their own hypocrisy.

    Again, my response is in blue:




    My goodness!

    I once heard a nugget of wisdom I've incorporated into my own beliefs; If, in a single day, you meet 3 a-holes, perhaps the a-hole is in the mirror.

    You have a nice night, too.

    Decided to drop the holier-than-thou act and let your real colors show through? Where's all that shining 'tolerance' you came here trying to ram down other people's throat? Seems that only applies to THEM, and not to YOU, huh?

    This is what I've observed about you 'tolerance tyrants'. It's one rule for you and another rule for everyone else. You strut around so proud of your phony humility (yet never see the irony of that kind of density), and act like your false claim of adhering to something you clearly don't even TRY to really do somehow gives you some divine right to preach down at others--most of whom are a lot more honest than any tolerance tyrant ever thought about being. What's that 'h' word you guys like so much to throw at others? Oh yeah: hypocrite.

    Thanks for dropping back by to prove me right. LOL. Totally predictable. *Snicker*

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    Are American Christians The Victims Of An Anti-Christian Conspiracy?

    Sunday, February 7, 2010, 12:12 PM [General]

    Let's look at just a few points and discuss this.

    Media's overwhelming anti-Christian bias cannot be ignored. Certainly even Islam has not received anywhere near the amount of negative coverage Christianity has, even with its linkage to the Twin Towers extremists.

    Let's look at some of its 'scandals'. Jim Bakker writes in his book that it was a close member of his ministry team who kept working on him about Jessica Hahn until he finally succumbed to the man's suggestions.

    In the case of Frank Gifford (and Kathy Lee) the newspapers made no secret of the fact that the whole thing was set up from the beginning by media, complete to two rooms they had rented for weeks, one with the camera equipment necessary to film the whole thing. The woman pursued him for weeks before he finally took the bait.

    In legal terms, folks, this is known as 'entrapment' and it is illegal for law enforcement to do this. The reason is that there is a huge difference in enticing someone to committ an act out of his normal character and catching him in an act that reflects his normal character. And yes, there IS a difference. In the first scenario, you are talking about a basically decent person who is being entrapped so he can be classed as a criminal. Politics has always employed such tactics, as does the mafia. (A 'smear campaign' is a smear campaign even if you get the one being smeared to help you to do it.) In the second scenario, you are talking about a person who IS a criminal, period.

    The Christian Bible even talks about this, saying that offenses must happen, but woe to those who cause others to stumble. It states their eventual end is so bad that having a huge boulder tied to their neck and being cast into the ocean would be a better end for them.

    While we're talking about Bakker, can anyone say that his sentence was in any way just after observing the Wall Street fiascos of the last several years? And how many of these people walked off scot free? The only ones who were punished were women (this is clearly a male-run show) like Martha Stewart and, of course, Bernie Madoff.

    But why was Madoff punished? Because he got caught, or because he came forward? If Madoff had chosen to keep quiet about his ponzi scheme he might still be running it today. His having an inconvenient attack of conscience and coming forward can be likened to a whistle blower showing outsiders how things really get done on the inside ranks.

    Media has made an adage of the words that 'no good deed goes unpunished'. We are told that 'there are no heros anymore'. The Christian Bible talks about a time when men will be despisers of those who are good and utterly selfish and vicious.

    Are we in that time? 

    Note: If you don't see a comment you made here, please repost it. Two earlier comments were evidently deleted by some kind of site glitch here. Thanks.

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