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    How often do you get to see a religion being born? The description below is very much a "royal we" situation, because, at the moment, I'm the only member in this clubhouse. Stay tuned here and at the home site ( for ongoing updates. I'm also working on a book on Essentialism. (Essentialism, defined here as a religion, does overlap with philosophical essentialism as well as with Natural Law, but is not completely equivalent to either.) Here's the opening blurb from the website: Essentialism is a religion for those of us who are theologically liberal and socially/sexually conservative. (We are also open to political and economic conservatism or centrism to a degree rarely seen in other theologically liberal religions.) We are duotheists and worship our hallowed Mother and Father as co-Creators of all that is. We are not neo-Pagan. Our beliefs are syncretic and our study, analysis and contemplation are comprehensive, but rigorously anchored in the reality of human life and behavior as revealed both in our contemporary experience and throughout history. In the United States in 2015, all of this means that we believe in loving, divine co-Creators who are both transcendent and imminent, whose natures are continuously revealed to us and which include all that is feminine and masculine in humanity. As a result of our study, analysis and contemplation, we have adopted a system of personal ethics that closely resembles that found in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Essentialism is both heteronormative and gender essentialist; Essentialism is not, however, complementarian, as that word is currently most commonly understood. We do not believe that women and men must conform to specified roles or mimic specific characteristics. We do believe that children need and have a right to know and be reared by both their parents. We believe that gender is both a spiritual and physical reality that we can neither control nor alter through drugs, surgeries or judicial fiat. We believe heterosexual promiscuity, extramarital sex or any form of homosexuality are always degenerate to the health and character of individuals, and that the maintenance of sexual fidelity is crucial to the development of a person's character, integrity, happiness and holiness. We believe the family -- mothers and fathers intimately united within marriage and working together to care for the children they create -- is intrinsically human, echoes and reveals the spiritual reality of human existence, and is the foundation upon which all personal freedoms and societal well-being depend. We recognize and honor the contributions of single or childless individuals; whether by choice or chance, not all of us marry or have children. This belief, however, reflects the reality that it is only within the family that the freedom and safety of children as individuals, and therefore the freedom and safety of subsequent generations, can be maintained. We believe all people are our brothers and sisters and worthy of our respect. We believe it is our duty always to treat others with the same care, honesty, tolerance and mercy we wish for ourselves.

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